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Intelligent pile planting + fish-belly steel support: commercial housing in Jinya Garden

The project foundation pit area of 9,778 square meters; Foundation pit perimeter 397m;   Cap area depth & NBSP; 5.95 m  . < br/> Intelligent pile planting technology is adopted in pile foundation engineering, and SMW construction pile + prestressed fish-bellies steel support technology is adopted in foundation pit engineering. High-pressure rotary jet grouting pile is used to reinforce local deep pits, and the form of precipitation is light well point precipitation.

Type of Project:Comprehensive engineering(Pile foundation+The foundation pitIntegrated Engineering)

Project information:Pit area9778㎡;Foundation pit circumference397m; Depth of cap area 5.95m .

Starting time:2020years7Month.

Project Introduction:Jinyayuan commercial housing project is located in Gaoqiao Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

Construction technology:Pile foundation works adoptedIntelligent embedded pileTechnology; Foundation pit engineering adopts:SMWThe method of pile+Prestressed fish-belly steel bracingTechnology, local deep pit is reinforced by high-pressure rotary jet grouting pile, and the precipitation form is light well point precipitation.

Jinyayuan commercial housing project

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