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Shotcrete anchor retaining technology for foundation pit

Shotcrete support is a support method of concrete + bolt, which refers to the combination of high pressure shotcrete and metal bolt driven into the rock layer (or separately according to the geological situation) to strengthen the rock layer.

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Spray anchor bracingIs the concrete+The supporting mode of bolt, specificallyThe use of high pressure injection of cement concrete to reinforce rock formations by means of its combination with metal bolts driven into the rock (or separately, depending on geological conditions).

If the rock structure is relatively loose, the stone is fine, the stone can be laid between the wire mesh enclosure bolt, using the joint action of bolt, concrete spray layer and steel mesh to improve the structural strength of surrounding rock and anti-deformation stiffness.

Shotcrete support can be divided into temporary support structure and permanent support structure.


1, Low requirements for construction space, less land;

2, Side excavation, side support, and the process is simple, fast construction speed, shorten the construction period;

3, Simple mechanical equipment, material saving, low cost;

4, Suitable for all kinds of adverse geological conditions.

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