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Strong foundation -- PHC pipe pile

PHCPipe pile (pre-stressed high-strength concretePrestressed high strength concrete pipe pile) is a hollow cylindrical concrete precast component made of high temperature, atmospheric pressure, high temperature and high pressure secondary steam curing process.

Strong foundation has obtained dozens of innovative technologies in pile foundation engineering, foundation pit engineering, water foundation treatment, land foundation treatment, and has been authorized invention patents54Item, Utility model patent82Item,  Appearance design7To promote industrial technological progress as the way of enterprise survival, more than 20 years, in each different period, with continuous innovation results to support the development of enterprises.

PHCPipe pile(pre-stressed high-strength concrete.Prestressed high strength concrete pipe pile),Is the use of tensioned prestressed centrifugal molding process, afterHigh temperature atmospheric pressure, high temperature and high pressure secondarySteam curing, madetheA hollow cylindrical concrete precast member,In the construction site can be used to hammer, static pressure, pile planting and other ways.

According to the effective precompression stress value of pile concreteAType,ABType,BType,Ctype, the difference is the amount of reinforcement is different, and the amount of reinforcement increases in turn;Prestressed concrete pipe piles are graded according to concrete strength(Code namePC), prestressed high strength concrete pipe pile(Code namePHC),The difference is the concrete strength of pile body,PHCStrength grade of pipe pileC80.PCStrength grade of pipe pileC50.PHCThe strength of pipe pile is higher, and the bearing capacity of single pile is also greater;According to the diameter(mm)points300,400,500,600,700,800,1000,1200Specifications such as.


1,High bearing capacity of single pile

Due to thePHCThe concrete of pipe pile has high strength.Can be used as the foundation of high-rise and super high-rise buildings; The pile body has high precompression stress, good bending and cracking resistance, strong penetration ability, and can be driven into dense sand and strongly weathered rock layers.

2,Wide application range

PHCPipe pileFactory production, can choose a wide range of specifications, length, easy pile layout, strong adaptability to the bearing layer fluctuation changes of geological conditions, andThe upper load is borne by lateral resistance and end resistance, and the strongly weathered rock, fully weathered rock, hard clay layer or dense sand layer can be selected(Or pebble bed)And so on a variety of soil as a bearing layer, thereforeCan adapt to a wide range of geographical types,Multiple building types, including60 Below the layer of a variety of high-rise buildings and industrial and civil buildings low cap pile foundation, railway, highway and bridge, port, wharf, water conservancy, municipal, structures, and large equipment engineering foundation.

3,Reliable quality

PHCPipe pile is factory, professional and standardized production.Quality is easy to control, more reliable;Convenient transportation and hoisting, fast pile;High degree of mechanized construction, simple operation, easy control;It is easy to guarantee the bearing capacity, flexural resistance and anti-dip performance.


(1)Direct costs

becausePHCThe bearing capacity of single pipe pile is higher than that of other pile types, so in the same projectPHCPipe pile with less pile, small cap, unit bearing capacity cost is low.

(2)Indirect economic benefits

PHCPipe pilePrefabricated production in the factory, according to the engineering demand for piles, the early preparation time is short,Construction speed is fast, high efficiency, short construction period.

PHCThe mechanized construction degree of pipe pile is high.Instead of pouring concrete on the construction site,The scene is clean and tidy.No sand, cement, easyAchieve civilized construction,Safety in production.

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