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Strong foundation - long auger bored pile

Long spiral drilling pressure filling pile technology is on the basis of long spiral drilling filling pile technology evolved, mainly USES the long spiral drill hole to the design elevation, using concrete pump concrete from the bottom of the drill bit pressure, pressure pouring concrete while the drills until the pile, and then use a special vibration device insert reinforcing cage a concrete pile, the form of reinforced concrete piles.

Strong foundation has obtained dozens of innovative technologies in pile foundation engineering, foundation pit engineering, water foundation treatment, land foundation treatment, and has been authorized invention patents54Item, Utility model patent82 Item, Appearance design7To promote industrial technological progress as the way of enterprise survival.For more than 20 years, in each different period, with continuous innovation results to support the development of the enterprise.

Long auger drilling pressure pile technology is developed inLong auger bored pileTechnology evolved on the basis of the main use of long auger drilling to design elevation, the use of concrete pump from the bottom of the concrete bit pressure, side pressure irrigation concrete side lift the drill until the pile, and then the use of special vibration device will be a reinforced cage into the concrete pile body, the formation of reinforced concrete cast-in-place pile.

In order to improve the bearing capacity of the pile, the grouting pipe behind the pile end can be tied to the steel cage according to the need.


1Do not need mud wall protection, reduce pollution, ensure the construction site clean and tidy, save material costs;

2Significantly improve the construction speed, greatly shorten the construction period;

3, the construction needs simple equipment (mainly long screw drill, reinforcement cage insertion device), easy to operate, and the construction noise is small;

4Solves the problem of difficult penetration of thick sand layer and hard soil layer;

5Good quality of pile body: the pile is pressed into the pile hole at high pressure, the integrity of the pile body is good, the material is dense, and the soil around the infiltration, compaction effect, improve the lateral friction resistance of the soil around the pile, so that the pile foundation has a strong bearing capacity, pull force, horizontal force resistance, small deformation, good stability;

6The concrete is continuously pressed into the hole from the center of the drill pipe. The soil around the pile hole is crowded, and it is not easy to shrink the diameter, slump and surface uplift.

7, the construction efficiency is high, the ability to wear hard soil layer is strong, the hole into the pile is completed by one machine at a time, the operation is simple, the construction speed is fast, the construction period is short;

8Good applicability: This process can not only be used in silt, clay, filled soil and other conditions, but also can be used in soft soil, shifting sand layer, and high groundwater level in the bad soil.


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