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Soil nailing wall foundation pit supporting technology

Soil nailing wall is a kind of in-situ soil reinforcement technology. A threaded steel bar is drilled into the in-situ slope of the side wall of the excavated soil, and grouting is performed along the full length of the hole to form a slender rod anchored in the soil, which is called soil nailing. Depending on the friction resistance between the soil and the soil, the soil is subjected to passive force when deformation occurs, and mainly bears the tensile force. With the layered excavation of the earth, the vertical and horizontal soil nail groups are formed on the slope, and then the reinforced concrete surface is sprayed on the surface of the slope body to make the surface layer......

Soil nailing wall is a kind of in-situ soilreinforcedtechnology, drill a hole into the in-situ slope of the side wall of the excavated soil and place a threaded steel bar, and grouting along the full length of the hole to form a slender rod anchored in the soil, called soil nail. Soil nailing depend on and soil, the friction resistance between the passive force during deformation occurred, and the main sustain tension, as the earth stratified excavation step by step, longitudinal and lateral densely formed on the surface of the slope of soil nailing, and on the slope surface spray reinforced concrete road surface, the surface between soil nail and soil reinforcement, forming the stability capacity of retaining wall in situ, Thus maintaining the stability of the excavation face.

Soil nailing wall, the water stop curtain is often used to control the groundwater, so far as the water curtain of cement-soil deep mixing pile can form together with the soil nail support, and can be installed miniature pile and concrete pile and prestressed anchor combined support will form together, developed into the composite soil nailing wall, greatly improve the soil nail wall supporting role.

In the composite soil nailing wall, the soil nailing and prestressed anchor mainly act as anchor pulling, and the micro pile and cement soil mixing pile (water stop curtain) play the supporting role on the side wall.

Dense soil nail group is a form of soil reinforcement, equivalent to a reinforcement body. After the soil nail reinforcement can form a self-stabilizing support body, similar to the gravity retaining wall. The composite soil nailing wall, under the joint action of various composite components, its stability and anti-deformation ability is greatly improved, reducing the risk of foundation pit.

Working mechanism of soil nailing:

The main failure form of natural soil slope is that the overall stability failure occurs when slope rate exceeds the limit slope rate. After the breakthrough of soil nailing reinforcement, the complex with the main purpose of enhancing the stability of soil slope is formed, which enhances the strength and anti-deformation ability of soil, and changes the deformation and failure patterns of soil slope. Due to the existence of soil nails, the sudden shear failure of slope body evolves into an asymptotic failure form, which is developed from obvious plastic deformation and cracks. When the soil is in the limit equilibrium state, the overall collapse failure will not occur.

The mechanism of soil nailing support is very complex, which is related to many factors, such as the physical and mechanical properties of soil, the strength, stiffness and layout of soil nailing itself. At present, there are three ways to study soil nailing retaining structure: experimental study, theoretical analysis and numerical simulation. In view of the complexity of soil nailing support, the current research on soil nailing support is mainly experimental research, and many calculation models and some results obtained from theoretical analysis are verified by experimental research.

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