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The advantages of cement soil mixing pile

The advantages of cement-soil mixing pile are as follows: first, the suitable soil type is wide, the reinforcement depth is large; 2. Wide scope of application; 3. Short construction period and low cost; Four, high degree of construction mechanization; Five, the force and deformation of cement mixing pile mainly occur in the upper part of the pile body, and the force and deformation of the lower part of the pile body are small

Cement-soil mixing pileThe advantages of the following points:

First, the suitable soil type is wide, the reinforcement depth is large

Cement-soil mixing pile It is suitable for the treatment of saturated soft clay of various origin including silt, silty soil, silt, sandy soil, peat soil, with high water content and the standard value of foundation bearing capacity is not greater than120kPa The clay soil of the foundation. On peat soil or ground water pHThe applicability of clay with low value and high content of organic matter should be determined by test. The depth of reinforcement mainly depends on the power of the mixer and the ground reaction force. At present, the maximum reinforcement depth of cement mixing pile can be reached30m.

2. Wide scope of application

Widely used, mainly used to form composite foundation, support structure, seepage curtain and so on.

1, forming composite foundation. The main purpose of forming composite foundation is to improve the bearing capacity and deformation characteristics of the foundation. At present, cement mixing pile composite foundation is widely used in:

(1) to build(constitutive)A building foundation, such as10Below the floor of civil residential buildings, office buildings, factories, pools, oil tanks, etc)The foundation of a building;

(2) The foundation of a large storage yard, such as a steel plant, cement plant, large cargo plant, etc;

(3(freeway and airport runway foundation treatment, such as applied to highway abutments, box culverts(channel)Both sides of the approach to the foundation to adjust the subgrade with the bridge pile foundation or box culvert(channel)Nonuniform settlement of the foundation.

2And form supporting structure. It is often used when excavating foundation pit in soft soil foundationCement-soil mixing pile A grille - like gravity retaining wall is formed for retaining and supporting. This support structure is used when the excavation depth is5~6mIt is especially effective and economical when the shallow foundation pit is left and right.

3, the formation of seepage sealing curtain. Because the permeability coefficient of the original soil reinforced by cement mixing pile is often much smaller than that of the natural soil,Therefore, it has better water sealing and seepage prevention ability. In silt soil, sandy soil and other poor foundation, cement mixing pile is often reinforced into a continuous wall structure, used as seepage stop curtain. Such as foundation pit excavation, commonly used drilling pile or digging pile retaining soil, pile after the use of mixing pile to form a continuous wall seepage and water stop curtain wall, composition of composite support structure, often has unexpected effect.

In addition, when vacuum jacking is carried out in sandy soil or silty sandy soil, cement mixing pile is often used to spray mud or cement paste along the outer boundary of the treatment area to form a closed curtain,To improve the effect of vacuum preloading.

The construction period is short and the cost is low

Compared with other construction methods, it has the characteristics of short construction period, no pollution and low cost. This construction method has no vibration, no noise, no ground uplift in the construction process, no pollution, no pollution to the environment, no harmful impact on the adjacent buildings, has good comprehensive economic and social benefits.

Four, high degree of construction mechanization

There are many manufacturers of machinery, the type of machinery is increasing, and the performance is improving. All kinds of deep mixing machinery have their own advantages, suitable for different geological conditions and engineering purposes. It not only improves the construction efficiency but also greatly improves the bearing capacity or retaining capacity of pile body..

Five, the force and deformation of cement mixing pile mainly occur in the upper part of the pile body, and the force and deformation of the lower part of the pile body are small

Cement-soil mixing pile The carrying character of can be summarized as:

1Under the action of pile top load, the settlement of cement mixing pile is mainly caused by pile body compression, and the compression of pile body is larger than that of the lower part, which is almost zero to the pile end;

2Due to the large pressure knitting on the pile body, the friction resistance around the pile body is given full play, which is similar to the characteristics of pure friction pile. For certain geological conditions, stirring pile should be a boundary pile. When the pile length exceeds the boundary pile length, the bearing effect of the excess part of the pile body is actually very small or even useless.

Six axis cement-soil mixing pile

Shanghai strong independent research and development of six axis stirring pile machine

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