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Construction process of diaphragm wall guide for Shanghai strong foundation

Shanghai Strong foundation diaphragm wall construction CSM technology, the pile length can reach more than 60 meters, milling wheel torque of 7.5T.m, can cut the uniaxial compressive strength of 20Mpa rock, wall thickness of 0.7m~1m, 2.8m width, has the advantages of strong formation adaptability, fast construction speed, high wall quality.

Construction of diaphragm wall for Shanghai strong foundationcsmTechnology, pile length can be reached60Meters above, milling wheel torque up to7.5t.m, the machinable uniaxial stirring strength is20MpaWithin the rock layer, the wall thickness is0.7m~1mThe width2.8m.It has the advantages of strong adaptability to formation, fast construction speed and high wall quality.

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1,Guide wall construction sequence: site leveling→Measurement positioning→Dredging and disposal of abandoned soil→Cushion layer→Tie bar→A template→Poured concrete→Concrete curing→Remove mold and set transverse brace.

2,The outer side of the guide wall must be backfilled with clay compactness, to prevent the ground water from the back of the guide wall into the groove, causing the groove collapse. The wall inside the guide wall should be vertical, and the allowable deviation between the wall and the vertical and horizontal axis±10Mm, distance between inside and outside guide wallW+40mmControl, guide wall should be kept level, wall flatness is less than5mm, guide wall plane position±10mm.

3,Guide wall to symmetrical pouring, guide wall production can be according to the construction situation30~50mSet the length of expansion joint, press during construction3~5The expansion joint length is taken as a section to carry out flow construction, and the joint position between the construction joint of the guide wall joint and the underground diaphragm wall is staggered.

4,The guide wall adopts hydraulic backhoe excavator to dig the groove and manually repair the groove, which meets the requirements of the construction of the guide wall. Guide wall formwork adopts standard steel formwork, with8#Channel steel fixed template, strength to70%Rear removable mold. Set the template after removal10cmDiameter of two log support, horizontal distance is1m, plum-shaped layout. During the construction, it should be paid attention to that the concrete bottom surface and soil surface of the guide wall should be closely attached. During the concrete maintenance, heavy equipment such as cranes should not stay near the guide wall, and the support before slotting is not allowed to be removed, so as to avoid the displacement of the guide wall.

5On the top of the concrete wall of the guide wall, the number of the unit groove section is marked with red paint. At the same time, the elevation of each wall top is measured and marked on the construction drawing. Often observe the spacing of the guide wall, the overall displacement, settlement, and make a good record, do a good job of retest before the trough.

6,To ensure the stability of the groove wall,When forming the groove, the additional stress caused by the pile load and mechanical equipment should be avoided near the groove wall as much as possible, and the vibration should be reduced.

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