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Drilling scheme of composite pile construction with strong foundation in Shanghai

Shanghai strong foundation strength composite pile construction drilling scheme: 1, cement soil mixing pile construction depth range, all the drill pipe using cross blade.

Drilling scheme of Shanghai composite pile construction with strong foundation:

1,In the construction depth range of cement - soil mixing pile, all the drill pipe adopts cross blade.

2,Position the drill bit at the core of the pile, and confirm the plane position and drill pipe perpendicularity. Use the location detection ruler to confirm the plane position, using2The theodolite is interformed90°The verticality was monitored and corrected, and the verticality deviation was controlled at0.5%Within, the positioning deviation is not greater than20mm.

3,When drilling, after the bit is aligned with the pile site, start the drilling rig to drill down. When it just touches the ground, the drilling speed should be slow, the drilling speed should be stable, and the drilling rig tilt and dislocation should be strictly prevented.

4,In the process of drilling, water jet mixing construction is adopted, and the theodolite should be used to correct the verticality (0.5%).

5,In case of stuck drilling, rig shaking, deviation or rhythmic sound in the drilling process, stop drilling immediately, find out the reason, and take corresponding measures before continuing the operation. When stopping drilling for a long time, lift the drill pipe to the surface.

6,When drilling, ensure that the load of the main engine is within the allowable range according to the geological conditions. Drill pipe sinks and lifts at a constant rate. During lifting, negative pressure should not be generated in the hole to cause excessive disturbance of surrounding soil, and the stirring times and stirring time should ensure the quality of the hole. And select the appropriate drilling speed on the premise of ensuring the quality of drilling.

7,When the slurry is injected and the jet mixing construction is carried out repeatedly, until the slurry is injected and the current of the stirring rig is close to no-load current when it is lifted and drilled, the drill pipe is quickly put forward while the jet mixing is done.

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