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Shanghai launches the Dragon Boat Festival to make zongzi

In order to carry forward Chinese traditional culture, enrich employees' spare time life, and cultivate employees' sense of unity and cooperation, our company held the Shanghai Strong Foundation to carry out the Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi making activity at 2 PM on June 10th in the multi-function hall of the company headquarters. The employees of the company headquarters participated in this activity in batches.

In order to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, enrich the spare time life of the staff, and cultivate the sense of unity and cooperation of the staff, our company6month10On the afternoon2The theme of the event was "Strong Family" in the multi-function hall of the company headquarters Thick reed incense "zongzi activities, the company headquarters staff participated in the activities in batches.

Shanghai strong

At the beginning of the event, the chairman of the trade union, CHAN Kin-fu, extended festive greetings and announced the start of the Dragon Boat Festival. The event begins withPPT"In the form of the Dragon Boat Festival to explain the history of the Dragon Boat Festival, cultural customs and the method of making zongzi, everyone picked up the leaves, according to the video tutorial or to the experienced colleagues, while learning to make zongzi. You teach me, I help you, the activity scene is full of laughter. 

Dragon Boat Festival

This activity made the employees fully feel the charm of our traditional holiday customs, and strengthened the national pride of the employees. After the activity, the employees said that the activity deepened the friendship between colleagues, and created a strong sense of belonging and honor to the company. They should work for the company in the futureThe "strong big family" has stepped up to a new level and made greater contributions. 


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