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Intelligent pile planting technology won the second prize of key product quality research in Jiading District in 2020

Recently, the market supervision and administration and jiading district, Shanghai jiading district, Shanghai economic commission jointly issued the "on recognition of jiading district, 2020 key drection product quality project notice, jiading district, focuses on the quality of the products in 2020 achieved outstanding results in the research activities project for recognition, we" intelligent embedded pile quality project "won the second prize.

Recently, Shanghai Jiading District market supervision Administration and Shanghai Jiading District Economic Commission jointly issued the "about commendation.2020In Jiading District key product quality achievement project notice ", yes2020In Jiading District, the key product quality activities in the outstanding results of the project was awarded a notice, our"Intelligent embedded pileQuality project "won the second prize.

Intelligent embedded pile

Intelligent embedded pileThe TECHNOLOGY IS THE INTELLIGENT CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY OF strong composite pile, which overcomes the quality defects of MIXING pile and the soil squeezing EFFECT IN THE process of PILING. Through the control of intelligent system, the construction process is intelligent, avoid the error caused by manual operation, and has the advantages of low cost, high work efficiency, no dust, no mud discharge. At present, this technology has been successfully applied in many projects and achieved remarkable results.

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