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The importance and function of deep foundation pit supporting

Deep foundation pit support is a kind of foundation pit support, the main function of foundation pit support is to support soil, in addition, steel sheet pile, concrete plate pile and cement mixing pile also have a certain role in retaining water.

Deep foundation pit support isFoundation pit supportingOne, the main function of foundation pit support is to support the soil, in addition, steel sheet pile, concrete sheet pile and cement mixing pile also have a certain role in retaining water;

Importance of foundation pit support:

Foundation pit supporting Technology has an important role in the current construction and significance of a foundation pit engineering is characterized by time of rock engineering, is of great practicality and empirical discipline, with the development of civil engineering is rapid, and all kinds of construction projects, more and more is also high to the requirement of foundation pit engineering, the problem also appear constantly at the same time, this will force engineering personnel attaches great importance to the foundation pit engineering, The foundation pit support should be treated with rigorous scientific attitude.

The function of foundation pit supporting in geotechnical engineering

With the continuous increase of the scale of urban construction, more and more foundation pit excavation supporting projects, the requirement for more and more foundation pit supporting, at the same time, the problem also follows. Therefore, it is particularly important to analyze the application and function of foundation pit support in rock engineering in practical operation and construction.

Foundation pit supportingIn engineering construction plays the role of retaining soil, stabilizing the bottom of the pit and intercepting water, to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment and the safety of engineering construction.

In order to ensure the construction safety of structural engineering and the safety of the surrounding environment, it is necessary to rely on the foundation pit support to control the soil surface. Its main function is to fix and ensure the stability of the bottom of the pit by blocking water flow, soil resistance and other ways. The retaining structure of foundation pit plays the role of temporary retaining structure during construction. The calculation, construction and selection of this structure are very critical. It has a great impact on the safety, economic benefits and construction period of the construction. It is one of the key technologies of construction. Once there is a mistake, it will often cause significant losses.

Deep foundation pit supporting technology

1, row pile support

Pile supporting is to dig holes, drilling (punching) reinforced concrete bored piles column type partition installed, and at the top of the pile casting large cross section between pile caps of reinforced concrete beam to increase the reliable continued, in the column type partition installed into there is a net distance between piles white-out form and tangent between piles embedded slot form close.

Undisturbed concrete cast-in-place pile

2, cement soil pile wall

Soil-cement pile wall is usually placed in lattice structure, and it is important to rely on its own weight and stiffness to protect the safety of foundation pit soil wall. Generally, there is no support, and in special cases, some support can be added after taking measures. Soil-cement pile wall can be divided into deep mixing soil-cement pile wall and high-pressure rotary jet grouting pile wall.

Soil-cement pile wall

3Underground diaphragm wall

Underground continuous wall is slurry-supported premise, along the deep excavation engineering around the axis adopt a chamfer machine digging out a narrow deep groove, after the qing tank, sling the reinforcing cage in the trough, then pouring underwater concrete with conduit method to form a unit slot, eventually in underground pouring into a continuous reinforced concrete walls.

4, the arch wall

The inverse arch wall excavates the foundation pit into a circular, oval curved plane, and the reinforced concrete arch wall is layered along the side wall of the foundation pit. The effect of the arch is to convert the earth pressure perpendicular to the wall into tangential force in the arch wall, so as to fully exercise the concrete compression strength of the wall, so as to meet the requirements of strength and stability.

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