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SMW engineering technology

SMW is the abbreviation of the soil mixing wall, which is also known as the steel cement and soil mixing (pile) wall. It is using the multi-axis drilling and digging mixer to drill into a certain depth of soil in the project site, and at the same time, the cement slurry or soil curing agent is sprayed from the drill bit and the foundation soil is repeatedly mixed. Form a certain strength and stiffness, continuous integrity, no joints of the underground wall. Suitable for building foundation pit retaining wall, water curtain or soft foundation soil reinforcement.

SMWissoil mixing wallThe abbreviation, the construction method is also known as steel cement soil mixing (pile) wall, is a multi-axis pile mixing machine in the engineering site a piece of construction. The cement slurry or soil curing agent is spouted from the drill bit and mixed repeatedly with the foundation soil to form a continuous and complete underground wall with certain strength and stiffness without joints. Suitable for constructionFoundation pit supportingThe reinforcement of retaining walls, water stop curtains or soft foundation soil.

This method was first used in1976It has been widely used in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore, Thailand and other countries, as well as Hong Kong, and in China2010It was listed in the Construction Industry10A new technology (2010).

Project Quality:

Strong seepage and water stop, its permeability coefficientKCan be up to10-6cm/s; Continuous integrity between piles, no joint; Strong ability to stir into a wall, into a pile diameter650~1000mm, the depth can be reached65m; It overcomes the defects of the traditional two-axis mixing pile, such as small penetration force and uneven mixing.

Conditions of application:

It is suitable for soft and hard strata such as silt, clay, silt, sand, gravel, strong weathering and moderate weathering.

Sealing curtain technology of mixing pile in ultra-deep and ultra-hard stratum

With the increasing depth of the foundation pit, the sealing curtain must be used to cut off the confined water layer in the deep stratum30Meters above the super deepSMWMethod.

Conventional deepSMWThe construction method adopts the form of drill pipe construction, construction efficiency is very low, the cost is expensive, the quality of pile is not good, the construction period is long, easy to bury.

The company developedJB280typeSMWConstruction pile machine, realized45The pile is formed at one time without connecting rod within meters, and the continuous grouting makes the pile quality more reliable and improves the working efficiency3~4Times, reduce the project cost up to50%, shorten the construction period.

Aiming at ultra-hard soil layers such as dense sand layer and weathered rock and soil layer, the drill bit developed by the company for different soil layers, combined with the drilling technology of ultra-hard soil layer, has successfully completed the formation of ultra-deep and ultra-hard strata in projects in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Beijing and other placesSMWThe engineering method of the project.


Construction equipment

The scene pictures

SMWmethod-Beilun power plant

Beilun power plant

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