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Undisturbed earth filling pile

The undisturbed soil-taking cast-in-place pile can be divided into separate type and occlusive type.

The undisturbed soil-taking cast-in-place pile can be divided into separate type and occlusive type.

The interlocking pressure cast-in-place pile technology is to use a drum drill to cut soil and adjacent low-strength solidified soil piles or plain concrete piles to form a drill hole. When the soil in the retaining hole is removed, concrete is pressed and poured, and then the reinforcement cage is inserted and the retaining cylinder is pulled out to form a reinforced concrete pile. It is suitable for engineering projects with high demand for underground space utilization.

Pressure filling pile technology, inherited the advantages of long spiral drilling pressure filling pile, first using special spiral drill drill to the pile bottom, and then through the hollow drill pipe, from bottom up continuous high pressure injection pump concrete to pile tip, and the formation of plain concrete pile, at the same time using spiral blade undisturbed soil, and then insert the entire root reinforcing cage vibration, the formation of reinforced concrete piles. With no mud discharge, save a lot of water and electricity, greatly improve the efficiency, reliable pile quality, reduce the project cost20%The advantages above. Suitable for all kinds of soil layer, save time35%The above.

Construction method:

1, drilling rig positioning;

2, the steel sleeve is vertically placed into the soil layer to a certain depth by means of vibration or pressing, which is used as the hole mouth guard cylinder, and the subsidence of the pile top is less than2mCan not be orifice protective cylinder;

3Drill pipe to the center of the pile drilling hole;

4After drilling to the design depth, lift the drill pipe to0.3m, start the concrete pump to transport concrete to the lower end of the drill pipe for pouring, and lift the drill pipe edge to pump concrete to the design height, forming plain concrete pile;

5And a positioning device for reinforcing cage is arranged in the drilling hole;

6Hoisting the steel cage, with the help of the vibration of the feeding bar, the steel cage is sunk into the plain concrete pile;

7Vibration pull out the feeding rod;

8Pull out the steel sleeve and the positioning sleeve of the steel cage;

9Clean the pile top.

Undisturbed earth filling pile

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