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SMW construction H - section steel insertion and removal method

The water-cement ratio is generally 1.8 when the SMW pile is inserted into the H-shaped steel. At the same time, it is required that the hanging bars should be set on the top of the H-shaped steel. When the H-shaped steel is inserted, it is placed on the positioning channel steel to control the top elevation of the H-shaped steel. When the section steel is in place and does not sink, it is not necessary to sling.

A,SMWmethodThe construction of theHSteel insert

SMWConstruction pile insertionHSection steel, water cement ratio is generally1.8And at the same time requireHThe top of the section steel shall be provided with a hanging bar.HThe section steel is inserted on the positioning channel steel for controlHSection top elevation. When the section steel is in place and does not sink, it is not necessary to sling.

In the shortest time after the pile is moved by the pile machine, it shall be lifted by the car to a fixed sizeHSection steel, inserted in designated position, dependentHThe dead weight of the section steel is inserted into the depth specified in the design, and the perpendicularity deviation is not greater than1/200.thenHThe hanging bars on the section steel are hung on the positioning small channel steel, and the positioning small channel steel is put on the positioning section steel laid on both sides until the cement-soil is initially set.

Each locationHSection of steel to retest the elevation, strict controlHThe elevation of section steel.HBefore the section steel is inserted into the deep mixing pile, the surface of the section steel should be coated with anti-wear agent and separated from the enclosing purlin with kraft paper.

Second,SMWmethodThe construction of theHSteel pulling

1,SMWDemolition of construction pileHFor section steel, the stroke is used1mHydraulic jack and special fixture, under the fixtureHThe section is repeatedly jacked until the crane can lift the section out.

When the section steel is removed and recovered, the gap formed after the section steel is removed should be filled in time, and the grouting should be in the form of compaction grouting. Grouting adoptsP.O 42.5Grade I ordinary Portland cement, water cement ratio0.55, grouting pressure0.8~1.5MPa, or adjust the pressure according to the actual situation. Before stopping work, the slurry should overflow the gap.

2,SMWmethodThe construction of theSafe construction measures

(1Check hoisting rigging and buckles of various mechanical equipment and electrical equipment before construction, and rectify problems in time. Eliminate security risks.

(2) Lifting command shall be conducted by skilled personnel who are familiar with the performance of lifting machinery. The commander should stand in a place that can take care of the overall work, and the command signal should be unified in advance, accurate, bright and clear. Strictly observe the ten no hanging system.

(3) When lifting piles, the lifting point should be correct, the speed should be uniform, the pile body should be as stable as possible, and the attachment of the pile body should be removed.

(4(The hook of the crane must be equipped with anti-loose protection device. Tighten the rope buckle and increase the safety device when lifting.

(5) It is forbidden to walk or stay under the lifting arm and lifting object. Wire rope knots, deformation, broken wire, rust should be reduced to use standards or scrap, braided rope buckle should be closely consistent, the length of the braided part should not be less than the diameter of the wire rope15Times, not less than300mm.

(6The construction electricity must meet the requirements of Safety Code for Temporary Electricity Use at Construction Site. The welder must have a safety cover and must be grounded or zero. The main cable adopts three - phase five - wire system, unified use of standard safety box.

(7Strictly abide by the safety production system, hang safety warning signs in conspicuous places, safety disclosure of each shift. Crane drivers, controllers and site construction personnel should be familiar with safe operation procedures.

(8) Use personal protective equipment correctly, and wear hard hat, work clothes and labor protection shoes when entering the site.


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