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Construction technology and site management method of gravel pile

Gravel pile construction technology and site management method 1. Preparation of gravel pile construction 1. Preparation of construction organization design, and construction can be carried out after approval; 2. Clean and level the site, and eliminate obstacles at high altitude and on the ground;

Construction technology and site management method of gravel pile

First, gravel pile construction preparation work

1Compilation of construction organization design, construction can be carried out only after approval;

2Clean up and level off the site, eliminate obstacles at high altitude and on the ground;

3, measuring and setting out the line, restoring the middle line, releasing the roadside piles, cleaning and leveling the foundation surface of the construction section, measuring the elevation after leveling the ground, and doing a good job of the drainage system to ensure the smooth drainage channel;

4, draw the construction plan of gravel pile according to the pile spacing and form of the design document, and accurately release the pile position and number according to the drawing after the designer's signature and approval, and the allowable deviation of pile spacing is±150mm;

5When laying piles in two tests of bored piles, the construction position of bored piles should be reserved, and the reserved net distance is140cm.

6Prepare gravel

7Take safety measures, compile safety operation regulations, and proceed construction only after approval.

Two, rubble pile construction site management method

1Each pile machine is equipped with a site administrator for the whole process of random construction; Technicians check the construction parameters and original construction records of each pile machine. Ensure the accuracy of construction parameters and integrity of data.

2According to the section, pile number, performance of pile machine and the difficulty of construction, the construction time of each pile machine to complete the whole process of a pile is calibrated once, mainly controlling the pile quality, ensuring the compaction effect and the integrity and continuity of the pile body.

3According to the length of each pile, the construction parameters and the amount of gravel used for each pile are recorded in detail. On the same day, the amount of gravel and the total amount of construction meters are reviewed.

4According to the overall construction schedule, the progress of each pile machine is reviewed every day, and the reason of the problem pile machine is found out in time. On the premise of ensuring the construction quality, the construction task is completed according to the construction period.

5· Materials sorting and submission: construction materials shall be collected and sorted by special personnel every day, and an independent and complete construction record ledger shall be established for each pile machine, and the materials shall be submitted to the supervision team every day during the construction process.

Improved large diameter immersed tube gravel pile equipment

Shanghai Strong foundationLarge diameter vibrating immersed tube rubble pile, the maximum pile diameter can be reached1200mm, pile length can exceed30m, gravel pile equipment can not only be applied to land foundation treatment, but also applied to water foundation treatment (using our thousand ton engineering ship as the carrier), to meet more and more water foundation treatment projects.

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