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Quality assurance measures for construction of biaxial mixing pile

Quality assurance measures for biaxial mixing pile construction: 1. Hole setting out error is less than 50mm, pile vertical error is less than 1/100.

Construction quality assurance measures of biaxial mixing pile:

1,Biaxial stirring pileThe hole position lofting error is less than50mm, the pile vertical error is less than1/100.

2,Strict control of the slurry ratio, so as to achieve the listing construction, and equipped with full-time personnel responsible for the management of the slurry configuration, the water-cement ratio of the project is0.55Cement for42.5Grade 1 ordinary Portland cement,

3,Strictly control drilling lift and sinking speed bit lift(sinking)The velocity is not greater than0.5m/min, the lifting amount of the drill bit per turn is1.01.5cmIs appropriate, grouting amount30Lmin.

4,Biaxial stirring pileBefore the construction, the blender shall be maintained to minimize the quality problems caused by equipment failure during the construction process. The equipment shall be operated by specially-assigned personnel. The performance of the equipment must be checked before working to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

5,Biaxial stirring pileThe vertical degree of pile frame is formed by two sets90The theodolite is used for checking.

6,Site layout comprehensively considers all aspects of the factors, to avoid equipment relocation, displacement, as far as possible to ensure the continuity of construction.

7,It is strictly prohibited to use expired cement and damp cement. It can be used only after qualified retest for each batch of cement.

8,Make sure thatBiaxial stirring pileBody strength and uniformity requirements:

The soil should be fully stirred, the drilling subsidence should be strictly controlled, the speed should be increased, and the intact soil should be fully broken, which is conducive to the uniform mixing of cement paste and soil. Grout segregation cannot occur, cement grout should be made strictly according to the predetermined proportion, to prevent mortar segregation, slurry must be stirred before putting30Second and then pour into the slurry bucket, During the grouting stage, the grouting pipeline shall not be blocked, and the phenomenon of broken grouting is not allowed. The grouting of the whole pile shall be uniform, and the sandwich layer of soil slurry shall not occur. If the pipeline is blocked, the pump shall be stopped immediately. Lift and sink the stirring drill immediately after treatment1.OmAfter the grouting can continue, etc10~20Second to resume the upward stirring, in case of broken pile.

 9,Construction of biaxial mixing pileThe blade length and wear should be checked every day after drilling, and it is found that the length is not enough. If the wear is serious, it should be trimmed to ensure the effective pile diameter. The diameter of stirring pile is700mm, the lap width is not less than200mm.

10,The soil should be fully stirred and broken to destroy the structure of the original soil, so that it can be easily mixed evenly. Therefore, two spraying and three stirring must be done strictly.

11,In normal construction, the speed and times of the mixer grouting lifting must meet the requirements of the construction technology. There should be a special person to record the sinking or lifting time of the mixer per meter, and the depth recording error should not be greater than50mm, time recording error shall not be greater than5S , the problems found in the construction and the treatment should be noted.

Photo of six-axis test pile

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