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TRD pile construction, the introduction of cement - soil mixing wall technology of equal thickness

TRD (Trench Cutting re-mixing Deep Wall Method), also known as the same thickness of soil-cement mixing Wall technology, is a new type of soil-cement mixing Wall construction technology. This method changes the traditional horizontal layered mixing method of vertical axis auger into horizontal axis saw-chain cutting box, and the whole mixing method is vertical along the wall depth. The main engine power box hydraulic motor drives the saw-chain cutting box, and the cutting box is segmented and lengthened.

TRDThe method of pileConstruction (Trench Cutting Re-mixing Deep Wall Method), also known as equal thickness cement-soil mixing wall technology,It is a new construction technology of cement - soil mixing wall. The method of the traditional vertical shaft spiral drill pipe horizontal layered mixing mode change for horizontal axis saw chain cutting box, along the wall depth of vertical whole mixing mode, the host power hydraulic motor drive chain saws cutting box, box section extension, digging cutting box to design wall bottom elevation, horizontal continuous progress again, at the same time in cutting the bottom part or curing liquid injection mining, It can be mixed and stirred with the soil in situ within the depth range of the wall to build a high-quality cement soil mixing wall.

TRDEquipment and Construction (1)

TRDThe method of pileThe technical characteristics of the equipment: low height, compared with the traditional equipment has a high safety; The wall depth is large, the wall depth can be reached 60m; The construction accuracy is high, through the use of insertion tilting meter, the condition of excavated wall can be monitored in real time, and the perpendicularity of the wall can be reached1/250; Forming wall equal thickness, wall thickness550~900mmAccording to the50mmModulus adjustment; Continuous wall without cold seam, insertHThe spacing of core materials such as section steel can be evenly arranged; The quality of the wall in the depth direction is uniform. The multi-stage cutting box is mixed and stirred along the vertical direction of the wall, and the homogeneous cement and soil mixing wall is formed through transverse excavation and stirring.

TRDThe construction of the

TRDThe construction method can be widely used in the fields of waterproof curtain, steel cement soil mixing wall, ultra-deep underground diaphragm wall groove wall reinforcement, etc. It can adapt to a wide range of strata, including clay, sand, gravel and gravel layers, at standard penetration value30The compaction sand above the strike and the unconfined compressive strength shall not exceed10MPaIt also has good applicability in soft rock.

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