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Brief introduction and characteristics of TRD pile construction

TRD pile construction has the following characteristics: 1. Adapt to a variety of working conditions; 2, the machine height is low, the safety performance is good; 3. Create high-quality underground diaphragm wall; 4, can form a multi-specification wall; 5. Large construction depth; 6, adapt to a wide range of strata; 7, continuous wall;

TRDThe cutting box with chain drive tool head and grouting pipe inserted into the ground is used for deep cutting and transverse cutting, and the up and down movement cycle is fully stirred, and the cement setting agent is poured at the same time . After curing, a uniform cement-soil continuous wall is formed. If you insert in a procedureHThe core material such as section steel can make continuous wall become a new construction technology of waterproof and impermeable support structure used in the excavation of foundation pit.

TRDContinuous wall equipment

TRD The method of pile The construction has the following characteristics:

1Suitable for a variety of working conditions:

The main engine adopts full hydraulic walking chassis, the grounding ratio is small and the horizontal movement straightness is good.Adapt to various complex construction sites;Crosscut construction mode and combined short short column structure characteristics .Maximum height of the ground part of the whole machine10m.Can adapt to a variety of construction site complex working conditions.


2The whole machine height is low.Good safety performance:

Low center of gravity.Stability is good.Lower part depth36m( Can be configured according to the conditions to the deepest60m),Suitable for height restricted places. It can meet the construction under the viaduct.

3Create high-quality underground diaphragm wall:

Vertical direction of soil and cement slurry mixing construction characteristics.It can form a high quality diaphragm wall with uniform, equal thickness, continuous and no lap retaining soil and good water retaining performance in different soil layers.

TRDThe construction of the

4Can form a multi-specification wall:

Replacement of different widths of the cutter can be formed550850mmBetween walls of various widths (Can choose to900mm).

5Large construction depth:

Designed for maximum wall depth60Meters, according to the construction depth of foundation pit underground diaphragm wall, (Can choose 60Different depths within meters are required).

6, adapt to a wide range of strata:

Have good mining ability:Can be applied toNValue is less than 100 Soft and hard soil.Medium coarse sandy soil layer, also can be less than the particle diameter100mm The gravel layer and fully weathered and strongly weathered soft rock construction.

7Continuous wall formation:

Seam less.The wall thickness.HSection steel can be set with optimal spacing, and wall straightness is controlled by laser theodolite .The multi-stage monitoring device for vertical accuracy of inclined wall measured while drilling is beyond comparison with other traditional methods.

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