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Construction principle and characteristics of TRD construction pile

TRD construction principle: The TRD construction method is to insert the chainsaw-type knife port vertically on the ground, connect the knife and chain saw, and at the same time move its side, cut out the groove body and inject curing liquid to mix with the in-situ soil, and then stir to form the continuous wall under the cement soil of equal thickness, which plays the function of water stop. Then insert core materials such as H-shaped steel to form a rigid retaining wall and play the function of retaining soil.
TRDConstruction principle of construction method pile:

TRDmethod It is a chain saw type knife port vertically inserted on the ground, connected with the knife chain saw, and at the same time, its side movement, cut out the groove body and inject curing liquid to mix with the in-situ soil, and stir, forming the same thickness of cement soil continuous wall, play the function of water stop. Insert again HSteel and other core materials, forming a rigid retaining wall, play the function of retaining soil .

TRDThe construction of the

TRDCharacteristics of construction equipment:

( 1 ) Wide range of application, machine height only 10.1m , especially suitable for the construction of height restricted parts such as below the overhead high voltage line;

(2(super equipment stability, through the low center of gravity design, compared with other methods, the height of mechanical equipment is greatly reduced, construction safety is improved;

(3(High precision construction, in the horizontal direction and vertical direction can be high precision construction;

(4) The quality of the continuous wall depth direction is uniform and the dispersion is small;

(5) adapt to a wide range of strata, hard strata (hard soil, gravel, soft rock, etc.) have good mining ability;

(6) Excellent sealing performance, wall thickness, seamless connection;

(7) by Angle adjustment, can be constructed inclined wall;

(8) Excellent environmental performance, save materials.


TRDmethod Process characteristics:

1, compared with the traditional technology

TRDMaximum height of pile foundation equipment10m, the construction depth can be reached60m ; Compared with the three-axis mixing pile, TRD The construction method is the continuous wall of equal thickness, the sealing effect is good; Compared with ground walls and cast-in-place piles,TRDThe construction method has less mud discharge, fast construction speed and cost saving.

2, spray mixing method

TRDThe method is to mix the admixture (cement, bentonite, etc.) with the foundation soil in situ, without additional admixture mixing tank, without taking and pouring the stirred cement-soil slurry, to reduce the admixture overflow pollution, to fully cut and stir the soil to ensure that it is evenly mixed with the admixture, the wall does not contain soil mass, and improve the permeability.

3, vertical homogeneous wall

TRDThe working method adopts the chain to rotate along the cutter, driving the cement slurry to stir up and down, which can ensure the uniformity of the cement slurry with full depth and full section, and no wall layer phenomenon.

4, horizontal homogeneous wall

Horizontal advance cutting to ensure no gap, no pile body split, no joint leakage phenomenon.

5, high precision

Real-time measurement while drilling, full automatic verticality control, laser theodolite control wall centerline, error±25mmOr less.

6And have little impact on the environment

TRDThe construction is full underground mixing construction, the equipment noise is small, vibration is small, adapt to the narrow construction space.

7, adapt to complex strata

TRDConstruction method combined with rotary drilling rig, high-pressure rotary jet grouting pile machine and other equipment, can adapt to all kinds of complex strata, can enter the bedrock, to ensure water stop effect.TRDThe strata suitable for the construction method are: silt, clay, silt, sand, gravel, pebble, strongly weathered and moderately weathered rock.

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