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CSM entering moderately weathered strata: Nanjing NO.2014G34 Block CSM Engineering

Project Name: Nanjing Binjiang Headquarters Base NO.2014G34 Lot CSM Construction method (double-wheel milling soil-cement mixed wall) Project Overview: The excavation depth of the foundation pit is 14.8~16.5m, and the area is about 6600m2. Construction Technology: CSM Construction Date: September 2021

Project Name:Nanjing Binjiang Headquarters baseNO.2014G34plotCSMConstruction method (double wheel milling soil-cement mixing wall) project

Project overview: Excavation depth of foundation pit14.8~16.5m, with an area of about6600m2

Construction technology:CSMmethod

Commencement Date:2021years9month

Nanjing Binjiang headquarters base plan

figure1  Nanjing Binjiang headquarters base plan

The north side of the project is about the Yangtze River280mGroundwater is extremely abundant,andThe soil layer within the pit excavation range is mainly sandy soil with strong water permeability.It puts forward a very high requirement for water stop in deep foundation pit excavation. According to the designrequirements.Foundation pit stopUse of water curtainCSMConstruction method, construction depth over46mAnd need to enter the moderately weathered rock layer to cut off the permeable layer.

According to the design scheme, Shanghai Strong has improved the dual-wheel milling: the power pump station is adopted4Taiwan110kWMotor, tool head part cutting blade encryption and all equipped with special import alloy tool head for rock entry.

Shanghai Strong special double wheel milling site construction performance is excellent, construction smoothly. At present, the quantity of this project has been completed80%. Shanghai stronghomeworkThe on-site performance and construction quality of the personnel have been praised by the general contractor unit and the owner unit.

 Double milling

figure2  Milling cutter head

Shanghai strong special double-wheel milling is under construction

figureShanghai strong special double-wheel milling is under construction

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