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Cross working procedure of section steel combination support construction

(2) Ring beam construction :⑵ earth excavation: (3) steel support construction: (4) demolition construction:

⑴ The ring beam construction:

According to the design drawing, steel enclosing purlin is used as template for the ring beam (before installing steel enclosing purlin, groove the steel triangle bracket and then backfill the soil), and the concrete of the ring beam can be poured after burying the anchor bolts. So the construction of ring beam and steel enclosing purlin should be crossed.

⑵ Earth excavation:

Construction in strict accordance with the earthwork excavation plan. When the subgrade box is not erected, do not cross support the earth-moving equipment.

⑶ Steel support construction:

It is strictly forbidden for construction equipment inside and outside the pit to touch the steel support, and it is forbidden for non-workers to walk on the support without safety measures.

⑷ Demolition and support construction:

When removing the support, coordinate with the tower crane on site and plan to place it on the bottom plate1Forklift refitting and dismantling equipment (approx5~6T) and need to coordinate the driving route in advance. Parking is planned around the foundation pit1Cranes (25Tons of or50T), need to coordinate the working position in advance.

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