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Construction of prestressed steel composite support column

Prestressed steel composite supporting pillar of construction, a project with a strong foundation in Shanghai as an example: lofting data calculation, check, construction lofting (small kind pile) using the polar coordinate method, according to the positioning drawings and to calculate each pile to pile bitmap station distance, Angle, fills in single well construction, through the calculation of independent, proofreading, respectively to review and sign.

Prestressed steel composite support column construction to Shanghai strong foundation of a certain itemTake engineering for example:

Lofting data calculation and review: The polar coordinate method is adopted for construction lofting (small sample pile). According to positioning drawings and pile position map, the distance and Angle between each pile and the measuring station are calculated first, and the construction sheet is filled out, which is reviewed and signed by independent calculators and proofreading personnel respectively.

Site lofting and review: the construction lofting of sample pile is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements, namely the three elements of welding rod, white ash and red convenient bag. After the sample pile is put in place, it shall be submitted to the technical director of the project for review, and the next procedure can be carried out only after the review is correct.

Prestressed steel composite bracing

After the manipulator equipment is in place, two theodolites are crossed into each other90°In order to test the vertical degree of pile body, the vertical degree deviation of pile inserted into soil should not exceedL/200, column center deviation shall not be greater than5cm.

According to the geological survey report, the construction of the column mainly involves soil filling, silty clay, sandy silt and silty clay.

Combined with the geological situation and surrounding environment of the project, the construction of concrete filled steel tube column is applied by manipulator equipment. One is configured when sending pilesS3The level is marked in advance on the feed rod to control the elevation of the pile top.

Prestressed steel composite bracing

When the column pile is inserted, if it fails to align with the pile position, the column should be pulled out for lifting. If the underground obstacles are encountered and the pile position is deviated, the column should be pulled out immediately, the underground obstacles are removed, and the hole is backfilled. To put on"Sample pile", insert pile again.

The elevation of pile top is strictly controlled in accordance with the design drawings, and overfeeding is strictly prohibited; Strictly control pile top elevation error, column pile top elevation error allowed range is-50mm~0mm, the inspection according to the total number of spot check10%, and should not be less than3Root column pile.

Prestressed steel composite bracing

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