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Customer return visit for pile foundation and foundation pit support project of 2018-1 B-1 commercial plot in Xuzhou West Third Ring Road

Project background: Pile foundation and foundation pit support engineering of B-1 commercial plot of Xuzhou West Third Ring Road, 2018-1 lot Construction Project, Developer: Red Star MacAlline Group, main construction techniques include hydrostatic PHC pipe pile, tri-axial mixing pile, inserting and removing H-shaped steel, bored pile, etc.

Project background: Xuzhou West Third Ring Road2018-1Construction project of Land block NoB-1Commercial landPile foundationandFoundation pit supportingProject, the developer is Red Star MacAlline Group, the main construction technology isStatic pressurePHCPipe pileThree axis,Mixing pile,plugHsteel,Bored pileAnd so on.

Recently, Mr. CAI, vice general manager of our company, had a communication with Mr. Li, general manager of Party A of this project. This exchange mainly focuses on our company's site construction quality, safety and site cooperation.

Mr. Li of Party A said, "Qiang can meet the requirements of the contract and design specifications in terms of construction safety and quality. In the process of cooperation, Qiang has demonstrated the strength of the company at both the project department and the company level. If the company has other projects in Xuzhou in the future, he also hopes to cooperate with our company.

Mr. CAI, deputy general manager of our company, said that our company would continue to strengthen quality, safety and civilized standard management in the subsequent construction process, and expressed his gratitude to Party A for their trust in our company.


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