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Prestressed steel composite support construction bracket and support beam installation

Prestressed steel composite support bracket and the support beam installation should pay attention to the following: installation of bracket is important to control the level of elevation, through the gusset, to hold, the stomach of beam positioning elevation pushes its top level elevation, the error must not exceed 5 mm, the top elevation difference between bracket should not be greater than L / 1500 (L) for spacing, and should not be greater than 10 mm; Upper elevation of bracket = center elevation of support structure - (1/2 H steel specification + support beam specification).

The following matters should be paid attention to in the installation of brackets and support beams for prestressed steel composite support construction:

The installation of the bracket must control its horizontal elevation, and push back the top surface horizontal elevation through the positioning elevation of the Angle brace, the brace and the fish belly beam, and the error shall not exceed5mm, the elevation difference of the top surface of the adjacent bracket shall not be greater thanL/1500(LIs the spacing) and should not be greater than10mm; Elevation of the upper part of the bracket=Center elevation of support structure-(HSection steel size1/2+Support beam specifications).

The installation of the bracket requires strict control of the verticality. Even if the column pile is skewed, the bracket must be supported by the steel plate to achieve the vertical requirements. If the elevation positioning of the column deviation, you can use channel steel instead of bracket (temporary adjustment) and support beam connection, in this project, the column and bracket connection using welding, full welding and weld height is not less than8mm.

Construction of the bracket

Construction of the bracket

in300×300Square steel tube column (inner fillingC30After positioning on the concrete, weld the bracket and column, and the weld is not less than8mm, and then the beam and bracket are used4A bolt connection. If we can't get enough4Where the Angle steel is welded to reinforce the connection between the column and the beam.

After the prestress is applied, the constructors must check to ensure that the supporting beams are effectively connected to the Angle brace, enclosing purlin, and fish-belly beams; In particular, the Angle brace and enclosing purlin are tightened with high-strength bolts to improve the overall stiffness of the prestressed support system. Tighten at each point as required4Bolt connection, for some reason can not be laid4Bolts, at least not less than2Two connection bolts, and reinforcement treatment.

Construction of prestressed steel composite support

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