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Principle and advantage of undisturbed soil - taking and pressure - irrigation pile

The principle of undisturbed earth taking and pressure pouring concrete pile is a new type of reinforced concrete cast-in-place pile technology. Inherited the technology of long spiral drilling pressure filling pile, the advantages of using spiral drill drill to pile bottom, first buried spiral drill into a pile of pile hole, and then through concrete hollow drill pipe will flow by continuous injection to the bottom of the hole orifice, the formation of plain concrete pile, the use of vertical transmission functions of helical blade at the same time, remove the undisturbed soil pile hole, remove the soil and pile head floating pulp, after will The whole steel cage is inserted into the concrete pile body, and the concrete in the hole is vibrated to form the reinforced concrete cast-in-place pile without mud skin.

1And the principle of undisturbed earth taking and pressing grouting pile

Undisturbed earth taking and pressurized concrete pile technology.It is a new technology of reinforced concrete cast-in-place pile. The technology inherits the advantages of long auger drilling pile . Firstly, the auger drill is used to drill to the bottom of the pile, and the auger drill is buried in the pile hole to be formed into the pile. Then the flow concrete is injected continuously from the bottom of the hole to the hole through the hollow pipe of the drill tool , forming plain concrete pile, and using the vertical transport of spiral blades . Take out the original soil in the pile hole , after removing residual soil and floating slurry from pile top, Insert the whole steel cage into the concrete pile . And the concrete in the hole is vibrated , forming a pile balance without mud shell reinforced concrete cast-in-place pile.

Undisturbed filling pile with full retaining cylinder

2And the advantages of undisturbed soil taking and pressure irrigation pile

(1(no pollution slurry discharge, crown soil out of the original state, no pollution;

(2) Pile side without mud skin.The pile body is directly and closely in contact with the soil, and the pile side friction is increased 30%The above;

(3) no shrinkage, hole collapse, pile bottom no sediment;

(4) The concrete of pile body is dense, and the pressure poured concrete is vibrated. The strength of concrete is improved and the contact with soil is closer.

(5) pile perpendicularity,Steel cage positioning, etcThe construction of the Precision greatlyTo improve;

(6High degree of mechanical automation, the construction site clean and civilized.Reduce the labor intensity of workers;

(7Compared with the traditional rotary mud wall cobalt hole pile, the pile formation speed is increased6times ~8 times. Reduce construction costs10%~20%, improve the pile quality . Eliminate mud treatment cost, save electricity60%, water saving100% .

Undisturbed earth filling pile

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