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Construction process of vibrating immersed tube gravel pile

The construction sequence of vibration-immersed tube gravel pile is as follows: clearing and leveling the site → laying out the hole position → crane entering the site → vibrator in place → vibrating soil extrusion into the hole → lifting the vibrator and pouring sand and stone into the hole → repeatedly vibrating and injecting sand and stone → piling to the hole opening → shifting to the next point. The key points of construction are as follows:

Vibration-immersed tube crushed stone pile method is a method that uses vibration-immersed tube to form holes, and adds hard particles to the tube, and forms crushed stone pile to treat the foundation by pulling out the tube and vibration density Large diameter vibrating immersed tube rubble pile  The pile diameterCan be up to1200mm, pile length can be reached40mThe above.

Large diameter crushed stone pile

Vibrating immersed tube gravel pile The construction sequence is: Clean and level the site →Lay out cables and arrange holes→Crane approach→Vibrator in position→Vibrationally squeezed soil into holes→Lift the vibroflotation and pour in the sand→Repeat the vibrating injection of sand and stone→Make pile to orifice→Shift to the next point. The key points of construction are as follows   :

1,First, the pile position is measured and laid, and the surveyors measure and release the control piles on the center line and the edge line, and do a good job of protecting the control piles, marking the mileage of the pile points. According to the pile position layout plan, the pile is laid out with steel ruler, and the pile placement error is controlled in2cmInside.

2,Machine positioning:Put the pile driver in place, close and close the tip of the flap pile, and vertically downwards the pipe pile, so that the tip is aligned with the pile position mark, and continue to move the pile pipe downward to make the tip into the soil. Adjust pile machine erection, so that the sink pipe and the ground is basically vertical, generally controlled in1%Or less.

3,When the immersed pipe reaches the designed depth, sand and stone perfusion operation is carried out, and the sand and stone are injected into the pile pipe through the feeding port. The amount of filling is calculated according to the theoretical scheme value of the pile body and filling coefficient. Make good site construction records, strictly control the sand and stone filling coefficient of each pile, and the filling coefficient is generally controlled in1.02. Avoid the adverse phenomenon of large in the early stage and small in the late stage to increase the uniformity of the pile.

4,Pile body tube drawing:The height of sand and stone in the pipe shall be greater than1/3Pipe length, can begin to pull out the tube, there should be a person responsible for the amount of sand and stone filling, to prevent overirrigation or less irrigation. Vibration should be carried out before extubation5~10sAfter the start of the tube, the side vibration side pull, each pull height0.51.0mStop vibration and repeat until the whole tube is pulled out. Extubation speed should be uniform, generally1.2-1.5m/min(The average velocity).

5,Drawing tube pile:The pipe drawing operation of vibrating immersed pipe sand pile is the same as that of immersed pipe cast-in-place pile, and its procedure is:

Vibration in situ after filling→Vibration extubation→vibration→The plug→Vibration extubation→Tank material again→The second vibration.

This is the cycle until the construction of a pile is completed at the elevation of the designed pile top (the number of reverse insertion and the depth of reverse insertion should meet the design of the pile body, and the cross-sectional area is the control basis).

Large diameter crushed stone pile

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