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Construction quality control requirements of vibrating immersed tube gravel pile

Vibration gravel pile sinking pipe is under the effect of the vibration of the vibration hammer, the designed casing down by the provisions of the depth, the casing after the grave, casing surrounding soil compaction, and put the gravel to the tube, to make the rubble in the grave, segmented vibrating close-grained, form a larger diameter of the gravel pile, and will further compaction of soil between piles, after many times cycle into a complete both gravel pile. The piles form a composite foundation with the soil between them, which increases the bearing capacity of the foundation and prevents sand liquefaction.

The vibrating immersed tube gravel pile is to sink the casing to the specified design depth under the vibration of vibration hammer, and the casing is put into the soil,The soil around the casing is squeezed and gravel is then injected into the pipe,Then the crushed stone is discharged into the soil, and the crushed stone pile with larger diameter is formed by piecewise vibration and compaction, and the soil between the piles is further crowded, and the complete crushed stone pile is formed after several cycles. The piles form a composite foundation with the soil between them, which increases the bearing capacity of the foundation and prevents sand liquefaction.

Construction quality control requirements of vibrating immersed tube gravel pile:

1Before the construction, according to the technical requirements of the design of technology test pile, in order to master the pile making experience and various operational technical parameters of the site.

2According to the relationship between the ground elevation and the design pile bottom elevation, the design depth line is drawn on the casing to ensure the intuitive observation of the depth of casing in the soil.

3, the formal construction,The construction is carried out in strict accordance with the designed pile length, pile diameter, pile spacing, gravel filling amount and the construction parameters determined by the test, such as the lifting height of the pile tube, the compaction times and vibration retention time, and the motor working current, to ensure the compaction uniformity and the continuity of the pile body.

4Vibration immersed tube compaction should be based on vibration energy,The amount of rock fill and the length of pile are controlled.And according to the penetration degree control, ensure the continuity of pile, compaction and the surrounding soil compaction uniformity.

5, the actual amount of filling does not meet the design requirements,The pile pipe should be driven in situ,After filling the gravel again, or in the side of a pile. The pile body must be connected and compact during construction.

6Feeding according to batch feeding, control the quantity,According to the principle of a small number of times, each section of pile body should continue to add material vibration when it does not reach the prescribed compactness.

7The extubation speed shall not be too fast, and the gravel shall be discharged fully. When the stone is not free, the height can be appropriately raised.

8In the process of pile making, the crushed gravel material is wet with water first, and then mixed5~8%Cement mixing machine, water cement ratio depends on equipment and field test to determine, reinforcement soft soil foundation is not mixed with cement.=.

9The construction sequence of gravel pile adopts the form of jumping,And from the outer edge to the center, the adjacent two piles must be played between jumps.

10After the completion of pile construction,When the strength of the pile reaches the design requirements, the loose pile on the top should be dug out, and the ground line should be at least below1.2mThe scope of the excavation should be treated.=.

11, gravel pile construction is completed after inspection and meet the design requirements,Can be carried out to the next process (sand gravel cushion) construction.

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