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09 Dec

Cast-in-place pile, prestressed fish-belly type foundation pit steel support: Xuzhou Old Material Market project

The foundation pit circumference of the project is about 570m; The excavation depth of the foundation pit is 9.20-10.50m. The construction technology of pile row + inner support is adopted: bored pile is adopted for pile row; The inner support adopts the prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support technology. < br/> Bored pile is adopted for row pile, and prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support technology is adopted for inner support.

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09 Dec

Prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support: Xuzhou Ruyi Square Phase II project

The project covers an area of 80 mu; Foundation pit perimeter 568m; The excavation depth of the foundation pit is 11.1m; The maximum support span is 79.72m; The maximum span of the fish belly beam is 32m. The construction technology uses the prestressed fish-belly type foundation pit steel support technology

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13 Aug

Steps for stability assurance of steel support in foundation pit support

The foundation pit excavation should strictly abide by the principle of "layered excavation". The steel support of foundation pit should be set up in close coordination with the earth excavation, and the central excavation method should be adopted to excavate the earth near the steel support in order to prevent mechanical collision and support. The earthwork near the slope protection pile shall be excavated with manual assistance of small machines and tools. Mechanical excavation of collision steel support and bored cast-in-place piles shall be strictly prohibited. After the earthwork is excavated to the designed elevation, steel support shall be erected in time and prestressed shall be applied to reduce the exposure time without support.

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11 Aug

Precautions for high strength bolt connection of steel support in foundation pit support

High strength bolts should not be used as temporary bolts for installation of steel bracing in foundation pit. This is easy to cause the hole is not straight, or forced on the hole, so that the connecting plate fits, the screw thread damage of the bolt, the torque coefficient changes, the bolt shaft force is uneven, or the connecting plate produces internal stress. The friction surface should not be treated carelessly or the high-strength bolts should be installed without treatment. In this way, there will be a sandwich between the friction surface and the friction surface will not be properly protected.

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09 Aug

Supply and acceptance inspection of steel support members for foundation pit support

The hoisting of steel supporting components for foundation pit supporting is carried out according to the pre-made installation flow sequence. The numbered components transported to the designated location on the site shall enter the site at least one day in advance to meet the requirements of the hoisting schedule. The entering components shall be reasonably distributed according to the design scheme and the hoisting area.

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07 Aug

Construction process of large diameter rotary jet grouting pile

Large diameter rotary jet piles are constructed by drilling a guide hole with a 150 mm diameter drill bit with a jet monitor that turns on a high pressure jet when the designed toe level is reached. The spray treatment is initiated by breaking up the soil particles using high-pressure grouting, which is then sprayed and mixed for stirring under the rotation and upward motion of the nozzle.

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05 Aug

Construction principle of large diameter rotary jet grouting pile

The construction of large diameter rotary jet grouting pile is proposed to adopt double pipe jet grouting, which is composed of air and slurry in the grouting process. The enveloped air is used to enhance the progressive cavity widening in the soil, allowing the jet to penetrate further, forming a larger diameter than the single-tube system. In addition, it blows out the cutting mud to prevent the drilling annulus from plugging and thus preventing the ground uplift.

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03 Aug

Innovation point of large diameter rotary jet grouting pile on strong foundation

Large diameter rotary jet grouting pile has been applied in the land foundation treatment of the Third runway project of Hong Kong Airport. In order to meet the requirements and improve the construction technology, Shanghai Strong Foundation has carried out the following innovations on the construction technology of large diameter rotary jet grouting pile: 1. 2. Construction intelligent management system; 3. Large pile diameter

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01 Aug

Method of moving and anchoring a ship for plastic water drainage plate engineering

Strong foundation seaPVD(Drainage board) engineering ship construction technology for international innovation technology, intelligent, efficient and fast construction is dedicated to major projects at sea(High technology equipment for reclamation projects, seaports, cross-sea Bridges, maritime airports, Marine garbage dumps, etc.)1,PVDThe mooring system of the ship is not specified in the bidding document. Our company plans to anchor by conventional anchor cable connecting anchors. Anchoring work by anchoring......

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30 Jul

Survey and quality control measures for engineering ships with plastic drainage plates on water

I. Water plastic drainage board measurement and control1, the operation of the ship and the board machine are providedGPSThrough theGPSAccurate positioning of each pile,GPSThe principle is shown in figure3-1Shown below.2By installing underwater depth sounder, pressure sensor, tracking sensor and other instruments, the intelligent monitoring system can provide the construction operator with real-time parameters such as casing pressure, insertion depth, loop length and so on to ensure the depth of each pile. At the same time, it automatically records the serial number, depth and time of each pile......

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