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04 Nov

Quality inspection of construction process of double wheel milling soil-cement mixing wall

Double wheel milling soil-cement mixing wall construction process quality inspection: 1, the wall construction process of quality inspection items should include: soil-cement mixing wall water glue ratio, cement content, admixture dosage, cement slurry pumping volume, the proportion of stable liquid; The sinking and lifting speed of the milling mixer and the construction interval time; The bottom and top elevation, wall thickness, verticality, wall position deviation and lap length of cement soil mixing wall; Specifications, welding quality, verticality, elevation and positioning of core components; Preparation and strength test of soil-cement test block.

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02 Nov

Advantages of dual-wheel milling technology for soil-cement mixing wall (CSM Method)

In the deep foundation pit enclosure engineering, when the surrounding environment of the foundation pit is complex, if the treatment is not good, the seepage phenomenon will easily occur, which will affect the construction quality of the whole project. Therefore, many deep foundation pits will use double-wheel milling and deep mixing (CSM) construction method water stop curtain, to provide good impermeability, ensure the quality of the project. Compared to other processes,CSMThe construction method has great advantages in controlling the continuity of deep piles.CSMThe method uses two groups of milling wheels to rotate and stir in horizontal axial direction......

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31 Oct

Construction safety and environmental protection of double - wheel milling cement - soil mixing wall

Safety and environmental protection of double-wheel milling soil-cement mixing wall construction: Before the construction of deep mixing soil-cement wall milling, the following surrounding environmental information should be mastered: (1) the structure, foundation form and current situation of the adjacent buildings (structures); (2) the protection requirements of neighbouring buildings (structures); (3) Location, type, material, service condition and protection requirements of adjacent pipelines.

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29 Oct

Double-wheel milling of soil-cement mixing wall

The following information should be available before the construction of double-wheel milling soil-cement mixing wall: Before the construction of milling deep stir soil-cement mixing wall, the construction site, surrounding environment, transportation routes of mechanical equipment and materials, working space, underground obstacles and geological conditions affecting the quality of the wall and construction safety should be investigated.

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28 Oct

Cage multi - directional cutting and mixing pile technology

The cage type multi-direction cutting and stirring pile is an improved large-diameter single-axis stirring pile. By adding a cage with blades on the outside of the stirring shaft, the inner and outer stirring blades are used to fully cut and stir the soft soil and curing agent, so as to greatly improve the quality and strength of the pile.

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27 Oct

Construction regulations for double wheel milling soil-cement mixed wall

Requirements for construction equipment and materials of double-wheel milling soil-cement mixed wall: Milling wheels with corresponding thickness should be selected according to wall thickness. For loose and weak soil layers, milling wheels with more milling teeth and stronger stirring ability should be selected. The milling wheel with less milling teeth and stronger cutting ability should be selected for dense and hard strata.

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25 Oct

Brief introduction of diaphragm wall construction technology and its advantages and disadvantages

As a foundation pit enclosure structure, the construction technology of diaphragm wall is suitable for all kinds of complex construction environment and almost all kinds of geological conditions, but the construction difficulty is different. In some special environmental conditions, it may even be the only effective construction method available.

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23 Oct

Water PVD engineering vessel - offshore foundation treatment

Shanghai strong ground water PVD engineering ship can be in the coastal waters, coastal sea towage, as coastal ports, breakwater, revetment, reclaiming land from seawaters in artificial island, the important construction methods for dealing with the basis of containing underground obstacles, or with a hard soil layer of silt, silt soil, such as filling soil saturated cohesive and miscellaneous fill in the soft foundation processing.

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21 Oct

Foundation pit underground water control form of foundation pit supporting construction unit

In the construction process of foundation pit supporting engineering, the construction unit of foundation pit supporting engineering should consider the treatment of groundwater at the same time, that is, how to control groundwater, which is an important content in the design and construction of foundation pit engineering. Especially in sandy soil and silt soil, when the water is shallow and abundant, sometimes there is confined water layer in the lower aquifer, it becomes an important factor affecting the stability of foundation pit.

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19 Oct

Foundation pit supporting construction unit - Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation Engineering Co., LTD

Founded in April 1998 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan, Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation Engineering Co., LTD. (Stock code: 002542) is located at No.289 Huixian Road, Jiading District, Shanghai.

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