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17 Oct

Water PVD engineering ship, professional sea foundation treatment engineering ship

Marine PVD engineering ship is an offshore planking ship independently researched and developed by Strong Foundation. It is also the planking ship with the largest number of simultaneous planking, the deepest planking depth and the fastest planking speed in the world. 8~12 sets of pile frames are equipped for simultaneous construction, the maximum depth of laying is 43.3m (calculated from the deck), the ergon efficiency is 2.5min/ root, and the comprehensive ergon efficiency is 2500 / ship. Domestic counterparts generally construct 2-4 roots at a time, and the construction time is longer.

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15 Oct

Foundation pit supporting construction unit needs to submit to the supervision unit what data?

What materials should the foundation pit supporting construction unit submit to the supervision unit:1,Enterprise qualification certificate, business license, safety production license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, etc. 2,Qualification certificate of project quality management system related personnel, including project manager construction engineer certificate, technical responsible engineer certificate, quality inspector certificate, construction worker certificate, safety officer certificate, material officer certificate, and special work worker certificate.

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13 Oct

Problems to be paid attention to in the construction of foundation pit supporting units

The foundation pit supporting construction unit needs to pay attention to the problem in the construction, the foundation pit supporting project is temporary is the most challenging difficulty in the construction project, but also the key to reduce the project cost and ensure the quality of the project. The foundation pit supporting construction unit should pay attention to the following matters in the construction process:

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11 Oct

How to choose the type of foundation pit supporting structure?

How to choose the type of foundation pit supporting structure: slope excavation, retaining type supporting structure, gravity type supporting structure, combined type supporting structure. How to select the appropriate type of foundation pit supporting structure? The principle of foundation pit support is safety, economy and ease of construction

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09 Oct

Floating DCM (stirring pile) engineering ship, what is the floating DCM (stirring pile) technology.

Water DCM (mixing pile) engineering ship can work in the coastal sea, offshore sea towage dispatch, suitable for coastal port wharf, breakwater, revetment, artificial island land reclamation foundation treatment construction. The construction principle is as follows: cement or cement-solidified material is added to the soft clay according to the relevant ratio, and at the same time, the construction method is forced to mix and mix, and the solid and stable soil is formed in the foundation by chemical curing, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the underwater soft soil as the foundation of hydraulic construction.

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07 Oct

Basic requirements for retaining construction of deep foundation pit, definition of deep foundation pit

The deep foundation pit supporting construction scheme must be determined according to the design requirements, foundation pit depth, site environment and contract requirements, and the chief engineer of the unit,   The construction can only be carried out after the chief supervision engineer approves and determines that the construction complies with relevant norms and laws and regulations.

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05 Oct

Deep foundation pit supporting construction unit -- Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation Engineering Co., LTD

Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation Engineering Co., LTD., the construction unit of deep foundation pit support, has been involved in many engineering projects due to the increasing number of high-rise buildings and super high-rise buildings, the increasing use of underground space and the increasing depth of foundation pit excavation. As the soil pressure increases with the increase of depth, the excavation deformation often occurs in the construction of deep foundation pit, which is difficult to ensure the construction quality. Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation Engineering Co., LTD. 's patent technology -- prestressed fish-belly type foundation pit steel support technology solves this problem well.

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03 Oct

Classification of reverse method in foundation pit engineering

Classification of reverse practice in foundation pit engineering:1Full reverse approach The floor of each layer of the underground structure is used to form a horizontal support for the surrounding ground wall, and then the earth is excavated under it, and the building materials are excavated and transported into the cavity reserved on the floor. 2Partial reverse method (conjunctive method) In engineering practice, according to different requirements, we can adopt the main building first as skirt building and then reverse, skirt building first as main building and then reverse, center as peripheral reverse and so on, which become partial reverse.

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01 Oct

Deep foundation pit supporting scheme commonly used by deep foundation pit construction and supporting units

Deep foundation pit supporting construction units should achieve fine management, no matter excavating soil, retaining soil, enclosure, precipitation and other construction links may lead to major safety accidents, especially the collection, sorting and analysis of geological survey reports and monitoring data, need to be seriously implemented to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the project construction.

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29 Sep

Basic concept of foundation pit supporting system

In the case that the engineering site is open, there are no buildings around, and the foundation pit is not deep, the slope excavation can be carried out in the foundation pit support engineering, that is, no support excavation, this method is economic and simple. In general, the urban center is often densely built and does not have the condition of slope excavation, so it is necessary to construct the foundation pit supporting structure first, and then excavate under the protection of the supporting structure. The deep foundation pit has the problem of excessive soil pressure, so it is necessary to adopt the foundation pit supporting system.

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