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20 May

Introduction of steel bracing for prestressed fish-belly foundation pit

Prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support system is an innovative support form in soft soil deep foundation pit. By applying prestress to the steel strand on the fish-belly beam string, a large span enclosing purlin structure is formed, which is connected and combined with Angle brace and counter brace to form a plane prestressed support system.

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18 May

New technique of foundation pit support: prestressed fish-belly steel support

The prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support system is based on the principle of prestress, aiming at the deficiency of traditional concrete inner support and steel support, the fish-belly beam (high strength and low slack steel strand as the winding member, H Section steel as a stress beam, and the length of different; H A new type of deep foundation pit internal support structure system is developed through a large number of engineering research and practical application.

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16 May

Introduction of construction method of long screw post - pressure irrigation occluding pile

Pressure filling pile construction principle of occlusion after long spiral: using long spiral drilling to design depth, in the drilling of using concrete pump through the drill pipe center channel at the same time, with certain pressure to press the concrete to pile hole, the concrete to set the elevation, and then by means of reinforcing cage self-respect or special vibration equipment insert reinforcing cage in the concrete to the design elevation, the formation of reinforced concrete piles.

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14 May

Introduction of construction method of rotary drill occlusal pile

Rotary drill is generally suitable for clay, silt, sand, silt soil, artificial backfill soil and the stratum containing some pebbles and gravel. For the drill with large torque power head and automatic internal lock type expansion drill pipe, it can adapt to the construction of breezy rock formation. In ORDER TO meet the construction requirements, the configuration of rotary rig chassis and working device has the characteristics of large installed power, large output torque, flexible, multi-function and high construction efficiency.

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12 May

Introduction to the construction method of rotary digging and drilling occlusal pile

Working principle of the rotary digging drilling is to use the short spiral drill or rotary digging bucket, the use of powerful torque directly to the soil or gravel etc on the drill rotary digging, and then quickly hole is put forward, in the case of don't need slurry-supported, which can realize dry construction, even in the case of special stratum need slurry-supported, mud is also only a supporting role, in the drilling mud content is quite low, This greatly reduces the pollution source, reduces the construction cost, improves the construction environment, and high efficiency of hole formation.

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10 May

Introduction of construction method of full casing occlusal pile

The full casing drilling bite pile belongs to the soft cutting mode, that is, before the initial setting of the first sequence pile (using ultra-slow concrete), the second sequence pile is constructed to cut the first sequence pile to achieve the bite. It IS A SPECIAL TYPE OF PILE WHICH MAKES USE OF THE SPECIAL PROPERTIES OF SUPER RETARDED CONCRETE AND ADOPTS THE WHOLE CASING DRILLING MACHINE TO FORM HOLES AND PILES ACCORDING TO the SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY. Through the interlocking and lashing between piles, it can form the continuous row pile enclosure structure or underground seepage prevention wall, which can keep soil and water, and has good waterproof and soil retaining performance.

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08 May

Brief introduction of occlusal pile

Occluding pile is a kind of foundation pit row pile enclosure, the adjacent concrete row pile part of the circumference is embedded, reinforced concrete pile and plain concrete pile cutting and occluding, so as to form an integral continuous waterproof, retaining and retaining structure with good impermeability. Because it is characterized by the mutual occlusion between piles, it is called occluding pile.

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06 May

Functional composition and classification of pile foundations

Pile foundation is one of the most widely used forms of deep foundation, which consists of a number of piles sunk in the soil and a cap or cover beam connecting the pile top. The role of pile foundation is to transfer the load of the upper building to the pile through the cap or cover beam, and then to the deep soil (rock) layer with strong bearing capacity, or the weak soil compaction to improve the bearing capacity and compactness of the foundation soil.

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04 May

Shanghai strong foundation to participate in the "Praise for 100 years, building achievements" in 2021 Waigang town to celebrate the "May Day" International Labor Day conference

In order to celebrate the centennial of the founding of the Party and the upcoming "May Day" international Labor Day, the Federation of Trade unions of Waigang Town, Jiading District held a "praise for 100 years · Building achievements" in the afternoon of April 26, 2021 Waigang Town to celebrate the "May Day" International Labor Day conference. Our company Liu Quanlin, Yan Jian, Sheng Xiaoxing participated in the conference as a worker representative.

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30 Apr

Key points of SMW construction process

I. Flow chart of SMW construction method; Second, & have spent SMW construction method: 1, the way of section steel insertion, 2, SMW construction method of section steel material basic provisions; 3. SMW work method of inserting steel; Four, the steel pull out.

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