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23 May

Lifting scheme of steel cage and lattice column

The elevation of the steel cage and lattice column can be calculated by the elevation at the top of the mouth guard pipe. The design elevation of the pile top must be guaranteed when placed, and the allowable error is ±10mm. The lattice column and the steel cage must be welded firmly, and the vertical deviation is not more than 1/300.

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21 May

Construction of concrete cast-in-place pile for strong foundation in Shanghai

Concrete cast-in-place pile construction is an important part of construction, if its quality is not well controlled, it may occur hole collapse, diameter reduction, pile hole deflection and pile end can not meet the requirements of the designed bearing layer, but also directly affect the quality of the pile and cause the reduction of pile bearing capacity.

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19 May

Shanghai strong foundation diaphragm wall guide construction method

Shanghai strong foundation underground diaphragm wall guide wall construction method: before the underground diaphragm wall into the trough, should be built guide wall. The guide wall is carefully constructed. The quality of the guide wall directly affects the edge and elevation of the underground continuous wall. It is an important measure to guide the trough equipment, store the mud to stabilize the liquid level, maintain the stability of the upper soil and prevent the soil from slumping.

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17 May

Construction preparation of Shanghai strong foundation punch - in - place pile

Construction preparation of Shanghai strong foundation punching cast-in-place pile: Punching cast-in-place pile is one kind of cast-in-place pile, which has little harmful effect on adjacent buildings and surrounding environment; Pile length and diameter can be changed freely according to design requirements; The pile tip can enter the bearing layer or embed in the rock layer; Single pile bearing capacity and other advantages, suitable for filling soil layer, clay layer, silt layer, silt layer, sand layer, gravel layer, gravel layer, karst rock or fracture development of the stratum construction.

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15 May

Construction process of diaphragm wall guide for Shanghai strong foundation

Shanghai Strong foundation diaphragm wall construction CSM technology, the pile length can reach more than 60 meters, milling wheel torque of 7.5T.m, can cut the uniaxial compressive strength of 20Mpa rock, wall thickness of 0.7m~1m, 2.8m width, has the advantages of strong formation adaptability, fast construction speed, high wall quality.

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13 May

Construction scheme of CSM construction pile for Shanghai strong foundation

Shanghai Strong foundation CSM construction pile machine can be used in the construction of weathered rock, the construction depth can reach more than 60m, has the advantages of strong formation adaptability, fast construction speed, high wall quality, especially suitable for use in complex strata.

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11 May

Construction preparation of punching pile for Shanghai strong foundation

Shanghai STRONG foundation punching pile construction preparation work plan: Punching cast-in-place pile is by special punching drill into deeper holes, and then put into reinforced cage and underwater pouring concrete pile foundation, surrounded by reinforced concrete as a wall. It IS a DEEP FOUNDATION TYPE, suitable for high water table or silt geology, especially across rivers and other places, mainly under friction.

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09 May

Construction method of six - axis mixing pile for Shanghai strong foundation

Six-axis mixing pile is a new type of soil-cement pile developed in Shanghai strong foundation. It inherits the principle of biaxial mixing pile and the advantages of less displacement soil, small water-cement ratio and low cost. It overcomes the defects of biaxial and three-axis mixing pile, such as low efficiency, low automation degree of pile foundation, high labor intensity of workers and poor mechanical safety performance. Construction method:

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07 May

Preparation work before construction of six-axis mixing pile for Shanghai strong foundation

Six axial mixing pile is a strong foundation in the existing Shanghai uniaxial and biaxial, three-axis mixing pile on the basis of the development of a new type of cement-soil pile, inherited the principles of the biaxial mixing pile and displacement of soil, water cement ratio is small, low cost, less advantages, overcomes the biaxial and triaxial mixing pile work efficiency is low, the low degree of automation, the labor intensity of workers, poor mechanical safety defects.

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05 May

Shanghai strong foundation pit steel support technology

Compared with the traditional concrete inner bracing and steel bracing, the steel bracing of Shanghai STRONG foundation pit greatly improves the overall steel degree and stability of the supporting system. Combined with the remote real-time monitoring system, the foundation pit displacement can be effectively and precisely controlled, and the deformation of the foundation pit can be greatly reduced. The following is the construction process scheme of steel support for foundation pit of a project:

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