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08 Aug

Inner support system of retaining structure of foundation pit

The internal support system formed by retaining pile, wall and internal support system is a kind of form which is widely used in foundation pit engineering at present. The structure force is clear, the calculation method is mature, and the construction experience is rich. It is widely used in foundation pit engineering.

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06 Aug

Preloaded foundation treatment technology

Preloaded foundation treatment technology is a method of treating the foundation by applying load to the soil layer before the load of the building is applied, so that the soil layer can be consolidated, the strength can be increased and the deformation can be reduced. This foundation treatment method is suitable for treating deep soft soil and filling soil foundation, and has the characteristics of fast consolidation, simple construction technology and good effect.

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05 Aug

Six - axis cement-soil mixing pile technology - strong foundation

The technology of six-axis cement-soil mixing pile inherits the advantages of good pile formation effect of uniaxial mixing pile, less soil displacement amount of biaxial (uniaxial) mixing pile, small water-cement ratio, high pile strength, good soil reinforcement effect and low cost. It overcomes the defects of low work efficiency, poor stability, low degree of automation and high labor intensity of biaxial (uniaxial) mixing pile. The defects of high cost, large amount of displaced soil and low strength of soil-cement were eliminated.

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04 Aug

Foundation treatment method for filling layer method

Foundation treatment in bolus layer is the bottom of foundation under a certain range of weak soil digging, and stratification in filling strength larger sand, gravel, soil, lime soil, slag and other no corrosive materials, stable performance and ram (pressure, vibration) to the density of the design requirements, meet the buildings on the basis of the foundation strength, deformation and stability requirements.

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31 Jul

Purpose of foundation treatment

Foundation treatment is to use various treatment methods to improve the foundation condition (deformation or permeability properties) and increase the bearing capacity of the foundation. The problems of natural foundation are as follows: bearing capacity and stability; Compression and non-uniform settlement; The problem of leakage; Liquefaction problem; Special problems with special soils. When the natural foundation has one or several of the above five problems, the foundation treatment measures should be adopted to ensure the safety and normal use of the superstructure. The main purposes of foundation treatment are:

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29 Jul

Basic principles of foundation treatment design

When discussing the concrete problems of the basic principles of foundation treatment design, it is necessary to recognize the following working conditions for the engineering characteristics of the treated foundation and the natural foundation :(1) the range of the treated foundation should be the minimum range that meets the requirements of the bearing capacity, deformation and stability of the building foundation. For example, for compactness treatment of deep fill soil, liquefaction treatment of liquefied soil layer elimination, and foundation treatment of collapsible loess elimination and reduction of collapsible damage, the treatment range is required to be greater than the foundation bottom area of the building, and not less than 1/2 of the treatment depth.

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25 Jul

Principle of treatment of collapsible loess foundation

According to the principle of foundation treatment of collapsible loess, the collapsible loess has low compressibility and high strength under natural humidity, but when it is soaked by water, the strength of the soil decreases significantly. Under the combined action of additional pressure or the additional pressure and the saturated dead weight pressure of the soil, it has the property of sudden subsidence. In THE construction OF COLLAPSIBLE loess area, it is necessary to take treatment measures for building foundation to improve the physical and mechanical properties of soil, reduce or eliminate the collapsible deformation caused by accidental flooding of collapsible yellow soil gene, and ensure the safety and normal use of buildings

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23 Jul

Selection of treatment method for collapsible loess foundation

The SELECTION OF THE TREATMENT METHOD OF COLLAPSIBLE LOESS FOUNDATION SHOULD be based ON the type OF BUILDING, THE type OF SITE, the thickness OF COLLAPsible loess, the distribution OF COLLAPsible coefficient along the depth, the source of materials and the construction conditions, and through technical and economic analysis, so as to take measures according to local conditions and protect the environment. The common treatment methods of collapsible loess foundation can be selected according to the table.

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21 Jul

Foundation treatment method - silt soft soil

Silt soil has the characteristics of very low strength, large compressibility, poor water permeability, large thixotropy and rheological property. In the foundation treatment, there will be low bearing capacity, slow growth of strength, easy and uneven deformation after loading, large deformation rate and long stability time, which will have adverse effects on buildings. Therefore, in the foundation treatment, it is necessary to select appropriate foundation treatment technology for silt soil to ensure the quality of the project. The following are five common methods of silt soft soil foundation treatment:

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19 Jul

Principles for the selection of foundation treatment schemes

The foundation treatment scheme selection should follow the following principles: 1, must master enough information; 2. Technical rationality; 3. Feasibility of construction technology; 4. Economy; 5, there should be a superstructure - foundation - foundation interaction concept

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