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26 Mar

Shanghai strongly held professional and municipal business sector management mode seminar

Shanghai Strong Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. held a seminar on management mode of professional and municipal business segment. The conference was presided over by Song Weimin, chairman and general manager, and attended by Zhou Youwang, deputy general manager, Gao Lin and relevant leaders of the production port of professional engineering and municipal engineering.

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25 Mar

Our company participated in the construction of Baiwan Zhuang project and won the first "green brand" dust control site in Beijing

On THE AFTERNOON OF March 24, Beijing's first dust control "green brand" construction site was listed in the Beili residential housing improvement project site of Wanzhuang village, Xicheng district. Dust-proof curtain, spraying equipment and a series of high-tech dust prevention and control in the construction site appeared.

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24 Mar

The internal support system of the supporting structure - vertical diagonal support system

In general, the plane support system should be limited, and the vertical diagonal support system can also be used for the foundation pit meeting the following conditions. The vertical diagonal support system is usually composed of diagonal support, waist beam and diagonal support foundation components. When the diagonal support length is greater than & NBSP; At 15m, the column should be set in the middle of the diagonal support.

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23 Mar

Shanghai Strong Foundation 2021 Technician Induction training successfully concluded

Recently, in order to help new technician as soon as possible to adapt to the working environment, with strong family and strong foundation engineering co., LTD., Shanghai organized a three-day technician orientation, the company engineers Li Jian, settlement, director of the department supervisor li sai, engineers Xie Jiantao, security officer Zhu Shujiang, project manager li lei, engineering captain li wei, eight new employees to participate in the training. The content of the induction training is mainly divided into three parts: theoretical knowledge, field learning, instrument practice.

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22 Mar

Inner support system of support structure - plane support system

Generally speaking, the plane support system should be composed of three parts: waist beam, horizontal support and column. The horizontal support should have strong integrity and plane stiffness, so that the force transmission of each part of the support is reliable and consistent.

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21 Mar

Foundation pit earthwork excavation

Before foundation pit earthwork excavation, the earthwork excavation construction plan should be compiled and measured according to the requirements of foundation pit design for each construction stage. The main contents of the earthwork excavation construction scheme, Generally including engineering general situation and characteristics, the geological exploration data, the surrounding environment, foundation pit supporting design, construction layout, and based on the traffic organization, working condition of earth-moving machinery selection, digging, digging method, draining measures, seasonal construction measures, supporting deformation control and environmental protection measures, monitoring scheme and safety technical measures and emergency plan, etc., The construction plan shall go through the examination and approval procedures in accordance with relevant regulations.

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20 Mar

Classification and application of grouting reinforcement technology

Grouting reinforcement technology can be divided into the following categories according to the mechanism, the application of grouting reinforcement technology

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19 Mar

Investigation and environmental investigation of foundation pit engineering

Compared with the investigation of buildings, the investigation of foundation engineering has its own characteristics. With the excavation of the earth inside and outside the foundation pit, the soil within a certain range will appear stratum movement. Therefore, there are specific requirements for the scope and depth of the investigation and the testing items of the Yashi index.

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18 Mar

Grade regulations for foundation pit engineering

1. The safety level of foundation pit engineering "Unified Standard for Engineering Post-Festival Reliability Design" GB50153-2008 stipulates that the engineering structure should be divided into different safety levels according to the different consequences of structural failure, reflecting the requirements of different reliability levels of structural design. The safety level of foundation pit should be determined according to the requirements.

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17 Mar

Type of retaining structure of foundation pit

First, the classification of foundation pit supporting structure: 1. Slope excavation, 2. Retaining support structure, 3. Gravity support structure, 4. Combined support structure; 2. Selection of supporting structure: The selection of supporting structure should be based on the geological conditions of the site, the depth and function of the foundation pit, construction conditions, environmental factors and regional engineering experience, etc., and comprehensively consider the following factors:

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