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15 Feb

Settlement treatment method of foundation backfill soil

Foundation backfill soil generally has the characteristics of uneven particle size, large pore ratio and low compacting degree, so it can not be directly used as foundation bearing layer, otherwise it is easy to produce a large degree of foundation settlement, which is not conducive to the safety of buildings, structures and municipal pipe network. In buildings, structures, municipal roads and other projects, generally need to first backfill soil reinforcement treatment, commonly used treatment methods mainly have the following:

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14 Feb

Construction technology of rock and soil bolt foundation

Rock and soil bolt foundation is the foundation to bear tangential force or overturning moment. Generally, the construction technology such as prestressed bolt and rotary jet mixing stiffened pile anchor can be used.

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13 Feb

Micro pile construction technology

Micro pile, also known as root pile, is a bored cast-in-place pile with a small diameter, the diameter is generally 10~30cm, and the slenderness ratio is generally greater than 30. The pile body is composed of pressure-poured cement mortar or small stone concrete and reinforcing materials, which usually use reinforcement bars, steel pipes or other steel sections.

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12 Feb

Pile foundation collapse hole treatment

Hole collapse mainly includes hole collapse and hole collapse. Before and after the collapse of pile foundation, corresponding prevention and treatment methods should be taken according to the actual situation.

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11 Feb

Pile foundation deviation treatment scheme

The deviation of pile foundation is usually caused by the poor soil quality or the large difference of soil quality. In general, the following methods can be used to deal with the deviation of pile foundation:

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10 Feb

Key points of quality control of cement mixing pile

Cement mixing pile, by mixing equipment will cement slurry and the original soil forced mixing, and after maintenance and consolidation of a certain strength of the columnar pile body, mainly used for soft foundation reinforcement, deep foundation pit water stop.

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09 Feb

Cement mixing pile two spray three stir

Cement mixing pile two injection and three agitation: after the positioning of the pile machine is completed, first sink the drill pipe and stir (one agitation); After sinking to the design depth, the drill pipe should be lifted while stirring (stirring and spraying), and the lifting height should be ensured to make the stop grouting surface 0.3~0.5m higher than the design pile top elevation; After the lifting of the mixing slurry is completed, the sinking mixing slurry is carried out to the design depth (one stir and one spray); Finally, the drill pipe stops stirring the grouting and pulls out to carry out the construction of the next pile.

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08 Feb

Our company was invited to attend the technical exchange meeting of Shaoxing North high-speed Railway Station project

Recently, due to the invitation of China Construction 8th Engineering Bureau, our company attended the technical exchange meeting of Shaoxing North High-speed Railway Station foundation pit supporting project. The responsible personnel of production, technology, safety, business and other departments of our company attended the report exchange meeting.

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07 Feb

Construction technology of cast-in-place pile

A cast-in-place pile is a pile that is placed into a hole and then filled with concrete or reinforced concrete. The cast-in-place piles can be divided into drilling cast-in-place piles, immersed pipe cast-in-place piles, artificial digging cast-in-place piles, exploding and expanding cast-in-place piles and so on according to different methods of forming holes.

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06 Feb

A company in Shanghai planted 600 POTS of vegetables on the roof of its factory building and paid employees 50 jin per day as benefits

Growing vegetables is the ethnic genius of the Chinese. "Growing vegetables is the ethnic talent of the Chinese people", has long been a popular meme on the Internet, Xisha beach, Mu Us desert, border plateau, heavily saline land... These "difficult areas" for growing vegetables have long been conquered by the Chinese, who have successfully grown a crop of vegetables. Late last year, Chang 'e-5 returned with the lunar soil, which researchers analyzed and found to be free of organic nutrients and unable to grow vegetables......

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