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26 Jun

Floating mixing pile construction ship

The above water mixing pile construction ship (DCM ship) is a special engineering ship that assists the construction and installation of DCM pile. It is a highly automatic and intelligent ship that integrates cement storage, cement mixing, spiral conveying, underwater grouting and mixing in one pulp. It can stay underwater for 30. The deep cement mixing in the following places solidifies the deep seabed foundation, which plays an irreplaceable role in the reclamation of the sea.

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24 Jun

Offshore deep cement mixing pile engineering ship

Sea deep cement mixing pile engineering can ship in the coastal waters, coastal sea towage disposal, construction principle is: the ratio of cement or cement solidification materials according to the relevant added to the soft cohesive soil, at the same time to forced mixing, using chemical solidification formed in the foundation strong stable soil construction method, in order to achieve as a hydraulic structure underwater soft soil foundation.

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23 Jun

Foundation pit supporting project of Nanke Business Center

The foundation pit supporting project of Nanke Business Center is located in the north of the South Ring Road and the east of the West Ring Road in the High-tech Zone of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The planned total investment is about 2 billion yuan, the total construction area is about 225,000 square meters, the foundation pit depth is 9.85m, the area is about 52,533 square meters, and the extension length is about 1171m.

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22 Jun

Offshore deep cement mixing pile construction

The essence of offshore deep cement mixing pile construction is a series of physical and chemical reactions between cement and soft soil, which result in the soft soil forming cement reinforced soil with integrity, water stability and a certain strength, so as to improve the foundation strength and increase the deformation modulus.

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22 Jun

Progress management: concrete support construction

The concrete support of foundation pit supporting engineering of Nanke Business Center project is under construction. The project is located in the north of the South Ring Road and the east of the West Ring Road in the high-tech Zone of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, with a total investment of about 2 billion yuan and a total construction area of about 225,000 square meters. The foundation pit construction involves a variety of technologies, such as press-poured pile, three-axis mixing pile, stiffened pile, SMW construction method inserted steel, concrete support, etc., the enclosure pile has been completed recently.

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20 Jun

Offshore deep cement mixing pile

Offshore deep cement mixing pile engineering ships can operate in coastal waters and tow and dispatch offshore waters. As an important construction method for the foundation treatment and construction of coastal ports and wharfs, breakwaters, revetments and artificial islands, DCM (deep cement mixing) technology has been applied for a long time in countries such as Europe, America, Japan and Korea.

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18 Jun

Quality control measures of vibrating immersed tube gravel pile

Vibration-immersed tube crushed stone pile method is a method that uses vibration-immersed tube to form holes, and adds hard particles to the tube, and forms crushed stone pile to treat the foundation by pulling out the tube and vibration density. Large diameter vibrating immersed tube rubble pile & NBSP; The pile diameter can reach 1200mm, and the pile length can reach more than 40m.

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16 Jun

Construction process of vibrating immersed tube gravel pile

The construction sequence of vibration-immersed tube gravel pile is as follows: clearing and leveling the site → laying out the hole position → crane entering the site → vibrator in place → vibrating soil extrusion into the hole → lifting the vibrator and pouring sand and stone into the hole → repeatedly vibrating and injecting sand and stone → piling to the hole opening → shifting to the next point. The key points of construction are as follows:

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14 Jun

Construction quality control requirements of vibrating immersed tube gravel pile

Vibration gravel pile sinking pipe is under the effect of the vibration of the vibration hammer, the designed casing down by the provisions of the depth, the casing after the grave, casing surrounding soil compaction, and put the gravel to the tube, to make the rubble in the grave, segmented vibrating close-grained, form a larger diameter of the gravel pile, and will further compaction of soil between piles, after many times cycle into a complete both gravel pile. The piles form a composite foundation with the soil between them, which increases the bearing capacity of the foundation and prevents sand liquefaction.

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12 Jun

Preparation work for construction of reinforced composite pile

Shanghai strong foundation soil strength composite pile technique by using proprietary cut pulverizer, combining with the intelligent control system, the soil cutting to pieces after injecting cement such as curing agent grout, according to a preset grouting quantity and for high speed cutting, cutting frequency mixing fully mixing, forming mud flow water, instant implants, precast pile formation strength composite pile

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