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02 Mar

Shanghai strong prestressed steel composite support

The prestressed steel composite support of Shanghai strong foundation adopts special fish-belly beam structure. This structure can reduce the use of steel components, significantly improve the construction conditions of underground space while ensuring the construction quality. Compared with the traditional support technology, the cost is reduced by more than 20%. The construction time of installation, demolition, excavation and underground structure is saved by 40%. The above.

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28 Feb

The prestressed steel composite support is removed

Prestressed concrete steel composite support relative to support more economic and environmental point in recycling of steel structure can be dismantled, compared with ordinary steel composite support, prestressed steel composite support need to release the prestressed before dismantling, Shanghai strong foundation prestressed steel belly type foundation pit support in ensuring construction quality under the condition of same, use less of steel members, It can provide more construction space, improve construction efficiency, shorten the construction period and reduce the cost.

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26 Feb

Shanghai Strong Foundation carries out technician induction training for 2022

Recently, Shanghai strong foundation engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai" strong foundation) conducted once a year the technician orientation, production vice general manager Zhou Youwang Li Jian, safe environmental protection, technology, quality manager, vice manager li small lift and administrative personnel section chief Lu Lu, engineer Xie Jiantao with 18 new technician participation.

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24 Feb

Approach, acceptance and yard of steel composite support members

Section steel composite support is composed of standardized steel members, fast installation; No maintenance & NBSP; . The PRESTRESSED fish-BELLY FOUNDATION PIT steel support technology of Shanghai strong foundation consists of fish-belly beam, counter brace, Angle brace, column, beam, contact bar, high-strength contact, prestressed loading device and other standard components. Compared with the traditional support system, the steel components are reduced. Volume, support costs and construction costs have been reduced by more than 30%. The site acceptance and yard of steel components are also very important.

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22 Feb

Shanghai strong foundation occluding pile technology

The construction technology of cement soil-concrete interlocking pile in Shanghai strong foundation adopts separated cement soil-cement mixing pile to form a row of equally spaced cement soil-cement piles at a time. The original soil-cement mixing pile machine is used to cut part of the cement soil-cement mixing pile between two cement soil-cement mixing piles to form a hole.

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20 Feb

Safe construction of section steel composite support

In THE CONSTRUCTION of section steel combination support, in order to deal with all kinds of danger and emergency situations that may appear, control the expansion of the situation, reduce the loss of life and property of the country and the people, and ensure the smooth construction and production, it is necessary to establish and perfect various preplans, so as to achieve clear responsibilities, simple procedures, reasonable division of labor and sensitive response. The following is the emergency plan for the prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support of a project in Shanghai strong foundation.

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18 Feb

Introduction of prestressed steel composite support

Prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support technology is based on the principle of prestress, through a large number of engineering research and practical application. A kind of deep foundation pit supporting structure system is developed, which is composed of fish belly beam, counter brace, Angle brace, column, beam, contact bar, high strength contact, prestressed loading device and other standard components.

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16 Feb

Requirements for monitoring deformation of composite support of Shanghai strong section steel

Shanghai STRONG foundation STEEL composite support technology has the advantages of short construction period, low cost, large space and so on. It adopts prestressed fish belly beam structure, also called prestressed fish belly foundation pit steel support. At the same time, the construction quality is strictly controlled, the construction process is standardized, safety and quality first, and the deformation of foundation pit support is strictly monitored. The following is the deformation monitoring of a project:

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14 Feb

Section steel combination support - Shanghai strong fish belly beam high strength bolt use precautions

Section steel combination support adopts high strength bolt link. In the construction process, there are the following precautions: 1. High strength bolt can not be used as a temporary bolt for installation. This is easy to cause the hole is not straight, or forced on the hole, so that the connecting plate fits, the screw thread damage of the bolt, the torque coefficient changes, the bolt shaft force is uneven, or the connecting plate produces internal stress.

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12 Feb

Fuzhou Binhai New Town Station CSM reinforcement project

Project overview: Located in Changle District, Fuzhou City, covers an area of 340 mu, with an underground construction area of 520,000 square meters. The maximum excavation depth of the foundation pit is about 31 meters. Construction start date: July 2021. Equal-thickness mixing wall (CSM construction method) is adopted for the sealing curtain of deep foundation pit. The total depth of mixing wall is nearly 52 meters.

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