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07 Sep

Cement mixing pile for foundation treatment

Cement mixing pile is an effective method of soft soil foundation treatment, is the cement as the main agent of curing agent, the use of special deep mixing machinery drilling soil predetermined position, drilling at the same time, with high pressure equipment will spray cement into soil and stir fully, so that cement and soil a series of physical and chemical reactions, The soft soil is solidified to form a cement-soil pile with integrity, water stability and a certain strength. The reinforced soil, the soil between the columns and the columns constitute a composite foundation, so as to achieve the purpose of foundation reinforcement.

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05 Sep

Strong foundation - long auger bored pile

Long spiral drilling pressure filling pile technology is on the basis of long spiral drilling filling pile technology evolved, mainly USES the long spiral drill hole to the design elevation, using concrete pump concrete from the bottom of the drill bit pressure, pressure pouring concrete while the drills until the pile, and then use a special vibration device insert reinforcing cage a concrete pile, the form of reinforced concrete piles.

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03 Sep

Soil nailing wall foundation pit supporting technology

Soil nailing wall is a kind of in-situ soil reinforcement technology. A threaded steel bar is drilled into the in-situ slope of the side wall of the excavated soil, and grouting is performed along the full length of the hole to form a slender rod anchored in the soil, which is called soil nailing. Depending on the friction resistance between the soil and the soil, the soil is subjected to passive force when deformation occurs, and mainly bears the tensile force. With the layered excavation of the earth, the vertical and horizontal soil nail groups are formed on the slope, and then the reinforced concrete surface is sprayed on the surface of the slope body to make the surface layer......

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01 Sep

PC construction method pile foundation pit enclosure technology

The predecessor of PC construction pile is Larsen steel sheet pile. Because the section of Larsen steel sheet pile is too small, it needs multi-layer anchor structure in the deep foundation pit enclosure engineering, and the construction is difficult, affecting the construction period, so the PC construction pile came into being. PC construction pile is a combination of seamless steel pipe and larsen steel sheet pile, which can effectively improve the stiffness of section. It is suitable for deep foundation pit of 7~18m, and is widely used.

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30 Aug

Foundation treatment and reinforcement

Foundation treatment and reinforcement refers to when the bearing capacity of the soil layer is poor, or the upper load is too large, in order to improve the robustness and stability of the foundation to meet the requirements of the superstructure bearing capacity and deformation, the soil layer can be strengthened.

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28 Aug

Composite foundation treatment technology

Composite foundation is a kind of artificial foundation which is formed by the reinforcement or displacement of some soils. The ACTION MECHANISM OF COMPOSITE FOUNDATION: 1, PILE ACTION, 2, COMPACTION action, 3, ACCELERATED CONSOLIDATION action, 4, cushion action, 5, reinforcement action.

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26 Aug

Quality requirements and control measures for TRD pile construction

TRD pile construction quality requirements and control measures; 1. Construction quality measures of TRD construction method mixing pile; 2, construction of cold joint treatment; 3, ensure the foundation pit corner wall lap; 4. Ensure the strength and uniformity of pile body; 5. Quality inspection method

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24 Aug

TRD pile construction process

TRD pile construction technology uses chainsaw cutter as the main tool to cut underground soil, and cement as the hardener to form a continuous wall of equal thickness underground. Then, H-shaped steel is inserted as the stress strengthening material according to the designed spacing before cement-soil hardening. After the cement-soil hardening, a composite retaining wall with certain stiffness and strength or only water stop is formed to form the overall foundation pit supporting system.

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22 Aug

Shallow foundation treatment

Shallow foundation generally refers to the bad soil layer thickness is less than 5 meters of the foundation. Shallow foundation treatment methods are various, common are:

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20 Aug

Deep mixing technology of soil-cement in foundation pit support

Water in the foundation pit supporting of deep mixing method by high pressure jet grouting or mixing machinery, special machinery, deep in the ground to curing agent (cement or cement powder, plus certain admixture) and force on the mixing of foundation soil, hardening of the wholeness, water stability and forms after a certain strength of cement-soil pile or cement clod body, thus improve the strength of foundation, The method of enhancing its deformation modulus.

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