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17 Jul

Soft foundation treatment

Weakness is refers to the soft soil ground treatment including silt, silt soil, part of the filling soil, and other miscellaneous fill high compressibility of soil, its engineering properties for high natural moisture content, natural void ratio, high compressibility, permeability coefficient, low shear strength of soil, used in bolus layer method, the method, deep mixing method, compaction grouting method, dynamic compaction method, etc.

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15 Jul

General provisions for excavation of foundation pit engineering

The construction plan of foundation pit excavation should comprehensively consider engineering geology and hydrogeology conditions, environmental protection requirements, site conditions, foundation pit plane size, excavation depth, support form, construction method and other factors. The highest water level and tide level should also be considered for the foundation pit near water.

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13 Jul

The prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support project in Beijing has won the title of the first "Green Brand" construction site for dust control

Beijing Xicheng District Wanzhuang Beili Residential Housing Improvement Project (Plot A) is located in Yongding River Ancient Road, with Sanlihe Road in the west and Chegongzhuang Street in the north. The project is designed by Beijing Survey and Design Research Institute Co., LTD., which is the first application of prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support technology in Beijing.

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11 Jul

Common methods of ground treatment

Foundation treatment generally refers to the artificial treatment of foundation in order to improve the bearing capacity of foundation (soil or rock), or improve its deformation property or permeability property, so as to meet the normal use function and durability requirements of buildings under long-term load.

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09 Jul

Shanghai Strong Foundation attended the fourth working meeting of the Technical Regulations on Application of Foundation Reinforcement Components

Recently, ding yuan soft foundation by the tianjin science and technology development co., LTD., zhongjian six innings of south China construction co., LTD., sponsored by the "regulations of technology of foundation reinforcement component application" (hereinafter referred to as the "rules") by the fourth working conference and China (tianjin) the second to the firmware can technology theory seminar, in tianjin tianjin lihua grand hotel was held successfully. Shanghai strong foundation, Zhengyuan Construction, South Zhejiang Geology, Tianjin University, Hohai University, Jingye Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering Survey Institute, China Construction Bureau Six, Nanjing Water Conservancy, Beijing Urban Construction and other participating units and individual members of the compilation group attended the meeting.

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05 Jul

Design requirements of dynamic compaction foundation treatment

Dynamic compaction foundation treatment design including effective reinforcement depth determination, interval time, consolidation point arrangement, processing range, etc., before construction should be in the construction site representative on the site to select one or several test areas, trial compaction or experimental construction, determine the design parameters.

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03 Jul

Treatment of foundation by dynamic compaction

The method of dynamic compaction is a method that the heavy hammer of dozens of tons falls freely from the height to forcefully ram the soil. The high quality heavy hammer falls freely at a certain height and has potential energy. When it falls to the ground, compression wave and shear wave are generated to destroy the soil structure, form a closer connection of soil particles, increase the strength of the foundation, reduce the amount of deformation, improve the anti-liquefaction condition of soil, and eliminate the collapsibility of collapsible loess. Ramming can force the uniformity of the treated soil layer to increase.

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01 Jul

Stirring rotary jet foundation treatment technology

The foundation treatment technology of deep cement-soil mixing rotary jet grouting has the advantages of improving the bearing capacity of foundation, controlling the settlement of foundation and reducing the cost of foundation treatment.

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01 Jul

Problems should be noted in the case of building and landslide on sloping land

Building on the slope, in addition to the main body of the building, often must also be arranged to ensure the safety of the main body of the project, and the maintenance of the project. The lessons of the failed project more than once warned us, in the arrangement of engineering construction sequence, we should adhere to the principle of maintaining the implementation of the project before; For some dangerous slopes, we should insist on supporting first and then digging, otherwise it will lead to accidents. Try to morning the main body early benefit of the good will, often backfire, once the accident happens, then the disposal of twice the result.

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29 Jun

Intelligent pile planting technology won the second prize of key product quality research in Jiading District in 2020

Recently, the market supervision and administration and jiading district, Shanghai jiading district, Shanghai economic commission jointly issued the "on recognition of jiading district, 2020 key drection product quality project notice, jiading district, focuses on the quality of the products in 2020 achieved outstanding results in the research activities project for recognition, we" intelligent embedded pile quality project "won the second prize.

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