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26 Feb

Plastic drainage plate

FDP fast soft foundation treatment technology is a soft foundation treatment technology based on the principle of vacuum preloading technology and a number of innovative technologies. It is unblocked drainage plate technology (Flow), Direct, and no sand cushion technology (Direct), intermittent charging technology (Pressurize) and vacuum energy saving technology (Powerless) in the integration of vacuum Preloading, Preloading) technology.

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25 Feb

Concrete support for foundation pit engineering

As a common form of foundation pit internal support, reinforced concrete beam and plate structure are poured by the site vertical mold to form a whole with the vertical surrounding structure of the foundation pit. The support beam forms a truss structure and is supported vertically by the vertical pile.

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24 Feb

Safety measures for foundation pit protection

With the rapid development of economy and technology, the proportion of high-rise buildings and super high-rise buildings in urban construction is increasing year by year. How to solve the safety problem in deep foundation pit construction becomes more and more eye-catching. The main problems that cause foundation pit safety accidents are as follows:

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22 Feb

Conventional steel support

Traditional steel supports, such as steel tubes, H-shaped steel and Angle steel, are used as foundation pit support materials to enhance the stability of engineering structures. Generally, they are arranged in a cross or parallel shape. Steel support is widely used in subway and foundation pit. It has the advantages of economy and environmental protection because it can be recycled and reused.

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21 Feb

Rotary jet mixing stiffened pile (" stiffened pile anchor ")

Rotary jet mixing stiffening pile is a kind of oblique cement cement stiffening anchor solid formed by combining rotary jet grouting and mixing cement soil technology, and combining prestress and soil reinforcement technology.

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20 Feb

Six - axis cement-soil mixing pile technology

The six-axis cement-soil mixing pile technology inherits the advantages of the single-axis mixing pile, such as less soil displacement, small water-cement ratio, high pile strength, good soil reinforcement effect and low cost. It overcomes the defects of low work efficiency, poor stability, low degree of automation and high labor intensity of biaxial (uniaxial) mixing pile. There are no defects such as high cost, large amount of displaced soil and low strength of soil-cement.

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19 Feb

Occlusal pile technology (concrete to cement)

Firstly, a cage type double-layer agitator is used to construct solidified soil piles, and then the undisturbed soil taking and press-filling concrete pile machine is used to cut adjacent solidified soil piles into holes, and the concrete is press-filling and inserted into the steel cage to form the interlocking foundation pit supporting structure, which has the dual role of water stop and soil retaining.

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18 Feb

Dual-wheel milling Technology of Equithick mixed soil-cement continuous wall (CSM Method)

CSM is the abbreviation of Cutter Soil Mixing (milling deep Mixing technology). This technology uses double rotation to cut the original Soil at the construction site, and inject cement slurry and gas to form the same thickness cement continuous wall under the land, used for sealing veil, retaining wall or stratum improvement. It has the advantages of strong formation adaptability, fast construction speed and high wall quality, especially suitable for use in complex strata.

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17 Feb

SMW engineering technology

SMW is the abbreviation of the soil mixing wall, which is also known as the steel cement and soil mixing (pile) wall. It is using the multi-axis drilling and digging mixer to drill into a certain depth of soil in the project site, and at the same time, the cement slurry or soil curing agent is sprayed from the drill bit and the foundation soil is repeatedly mixed. Form a certain strength and stiffness, continuous integrity, no joints of the underground wall. Suitable for building foundation pit retaining wall, water curtain or soft foundation soil reinforcement.

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16 Feb

Undisturbed earth filling pile

The undisturbed soil-taking cast-in-place pile can be divided into separate type and occlusive type.

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