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03 May

Shanghai strong foundation CSM construction section steel

Shanghai Strong Foundation has a number of CSM construction equipment, with a large number of engineering construction experience, dual-wheel milling can be used to enter the weathered rock formation construction, the following content is the Shanghai strong foundation CSM construction method steel insertion process and requirements:

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01 May

Shanghai strong foundation large diameter gravel pile

Shanghai Strong foundation can be used to construct large diameter gravel pile, with mature construction technology and experience, and dozens of gravel pile construction equipment, which has been successfully used in many large-scale foundation treatment projects at home and abroad.

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29 Apr

TRD construction technology advantages

TRD method construction technique with traditional wall is different, is to meet the design depth with cutting chain and cutter cutting box into the underground, on the longitudinal cutting lateral push into the slot at the same time, to the inside foundation injected water mud stir to mix with the same foundation form in underground continuous wall with uniform thickness is a kind of construction technology.

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27 Apr

Construction technology of pressure grouting pile

Shanghai has a strong foundation undisturbed soil pressure pouring concrete pile technology, pressure filling pile technology has the following advantages: (1) the good quality of pile concrete from the tool center to the hole medium pressure, less material is close-grained, broken pile and necking phenomenon, the soil around the pile hole by compaction, not easy to happen the surface uplift, slumping hole and reducing adverse phenomenon, overall, good pore forming quality.

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23 Apr

Installation and emplacement of pile machine before the construction of press-poured pile

Before the construction of pressurized poured pile, the situation of pile foundation operation area should be determined to ensure the stable construction of pressurized poured pile. The following contents are the installation preparations of pile machine before the construction of pressurized poured pile in Shanghai strong foundation: (1) The foundation of the operation area should be treated before the pile machine is in place. The bearing capacity of the treated foundation is required to reach 160KN/m2. If not, the subgrade box should be used for reinforcement to ensure that the foundation does not suffer from uneven settlement.

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21 Apr

Construction technology of pressure grouting pile

1. Strong adaptability: The pile type is suitable for clay soil, silt soil, filled soil and other soil types, and can be used for pile formation under complex geological conditions such as reduced diameter soft soil, flowing sand layer, sand pebble layer and groundwater. 2, pile quality is good: due to the concrete from the center of the drill pipe into the hole, the concrete has the characteristics of dense, constant pile, no shrinkage neck, and can penetrate, compaction pile hole around the soil.

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19 Apr

Control of perpendicularity of groove wall by CSM construction method

The quality of CSM construction is focused on the control of perpendicularity. In order to ensure the quality of slotting and effectively control the perpendicularity, the following measures are taken:

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17 Apr

Stability control of CSM construction groove wall and corresponding measures

Groove wall stability is the most important task in diaphragm wall construction. According to the characteristics of the project, the following technical measures are formulated for the key points affecting groove wall stability.

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15 Apr

Top drawing of joint box during CSM construction

Top pulling operation of joint box during CSM construction: joint box should have enough stiffness, and flow should be prevented during concrete pouring. Top pulling of lock pipe should be combined with concrete pouring, and concrete pouring record should be used as the control basis for top pulling lock pipe time.

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13 Apr

Concrete preparation and technical quality requirements for construction of pressed-grouting pile

Concrete preparation and technical quality requirements for press-poured pile construction: (1) Concrete preparation for construction: This project uses commercial concrete. The site quality member accepts the performance indicators and grading of concrete on the scene. (2) Technical quality requirements: A. The supply station must provide the Quality Certificate of Ready-mixed Concrete and the concrete grading list;

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