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22 Mar

Prestressed steel composite support construction triangle bracket

The position and elevation of the triangular bracket shall be determined according to the design drawing. If there is any change, the consent of the design unit shall be obtained and written permission shall be obtained.

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20 Mar

Construction of prestressed steel composite support column

Prestressed steel composite supporting pillar of construction, a project with a strong foundation in Shanghai as an example: lofting data calculation, check, construction lofting (small kind pile) using the polar coordinate method, according to the positioning drawings and to calculate each pile to pile bitmap station distance, Angle, fills in single well construction, through the calculation of independent, proofreading, respectively to review and sign.

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18 Mar

Cross working procedure of section steel combination support construction

(2) Ring beam construction :⑵ earth excavation: (3) steel support construction: (4) demolition construction:

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16 Mar

Advantages of prestressed steel composite support in foundation pit project

As a measure of foundation pit support, prestressed steel composite support is more and more used in foundation pit engineering projects as the surrounding environment of foundation pit becomes more and more complex and the underground space is used more and more fully today.

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14 Mar

Great Wall Construction Group headquarters base project

In the Great Wall Construction Group Headquarters base project, triaxial soil-cement mixing pile is used as the stop-water curtain, and borehole grouting pile and two concrete supports are combined to ensure the stability of the foundation pit. The grouting technology is used to fill between the stop-water curtain and the grouting pile, and biaxial soil-cement mixing pile is used to reinforce the pit side.

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12 Mar

Application of prestressed steel composite bracing in foundation pit support

The PRESTRESSED STEEL COMPOSITE SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY ADOPTED IN THE FOUNDATION PIT SUPPORT construction of Shanghai STRONG FOUNDATION is based on the principle of prestress, aiming at the shortcomings of traditional support, and developed through a lot of engineering practice and application of green deep foundation pit support system - PREstressed fish-belly FOUNDATION pit steel support.

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10 Mar

How to do a good job in deep foundation pit engineering? The overall benefits are better

The surrounding environment of the foundation pit of the fourth phase of Kunshan Yangcheng Lake Science Park Industrial Technology Research Institute is complex, the excavation area is large, the depth is deep, and the construction is difficult. By adopting the innovative technical scheme of Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation"), on the basis of saving the construction period and cost, the maximum survey of the slope is not more than 2cm, and the comprehensive benefit is far better than that of the traditional concrete support scheme.

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08 Mar

Prestressed steel composite support can be recycled

Prestressed steel composite support compared with traditional concrete support, because is to use steel component assembly, don't need to carry on the in situ conservation, in the last stage, the steel members is also more convenient dismantling is reinforced concrete, shorten construction period, reduce the construction noise, and steel component reuse, recycle to reduce the cost, Meet the environmental requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction.

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06 Mar

The prestress of a composite brace of prestressed steel sections

Compared with the traditional steel composite bracing, prestressed steel composite bracing increases the construction procedure of applying prestress. The steel support of prestressed fish-belly foundation pit adopts special fish-belly beam structure. Under the premise of ensuring the construction quality, it further reduces the number of steel components, provides a more open construction space, makes the construction of earth digging, earth transport and underground structure more convenient, improves the construction period as a whole, and reduces the cost at the same time.

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04 Mar

Shanghai strong foundation prestressed steel composite support

Compared with the traditional steel composite bracing, the prestressed steel composite BRACING improves the overall stiffness and stability of the bracing system, and improves the safety of the foundation PIT bracing structure. Shanghai strong foundation prestressed fish belly & NBSP; The foundation pit steel support technology adopts prestressed fish-belly beam structure, which further reduces the number of steel members, provides open construction space, and makes excavation, transportation and underground structure construction more convenient.

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