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01 Jan

SMW construction method H - steel coated with antifriction agent requirements

According to the requirements of engineering design, if the H-shaped steel of SMW retaining pile must be pulled out and recovered after the structural strength reaches the design requirements, the H-shaped steel must be brushed with anti-friction agent before use to facilitate pulling out, and the surface of the steel is required to be evenly brushed with anti-friction agent.

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30 Dec

Quality control standard and quality assurance measure of double wheel milling cement - soil mixing wall

The construction method of double-wheel milling soil-cement mixing wall (CSM) is an innovative deep mixing construction method, which is a new technology of geotechnical engineering construction combining the existing hydraulic milling machine and deep mixing technology. That is, the original soil is cut by two milling wheels rotating around the horizontal axis, and the cement slurry is injected to form a uniform cement wall, which can be used as a cutoff wall, retaining wall or stratum reinforcement. Different from the traditional deep mixing method, the two groups of milling wheels rotate around the horizontal axis to form a rectangular reinforcement wall, instead of the single or multi-axis mixing head rotating around the vertical axis to form a cylindrical reinforcement wall.

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28 Dec

Foundation pit supporting

Foundation pit support is a measure to support, reinforce and protect the side wall of foundation pit and surrounding environment, so as to ensure the safety of underground structure construction and surrounding environment of foundation pit. The definition of foundation pit support in Technical Regulations for Building Foundation Pit Support in the industry standard of the People's Republic of China is as follows: In order to protect the construction of the underground main structure and the safety of the surrounding environment of the foundation pit, temporary retaining, reinforcement, protection and groundwater control measures are adopted for the foundation pit.

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26 Dec

Prefabricated composite steel support construction emergency plan

1. Emergency plan for the horizontal displacement of the brace and Angle brace to the pit if it reaches or exceeds the alarm value: install jacks at the prestressing end of the brace and Angle brace, apply prestress in stages, and monitor the deformation until the deformation is stable.

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24 Dec

Quality control requirements for the original soil-filled concrete pile with full guard cylinder

Concrete preparation requirements Pumped concrete shall meet the following requirements: 1. The supply station must provide Quality Certificate of Ready-mixed Concrete and concrete grading list; 2. 2, the initial setting time of concrete should not be less than 6 hours;

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22 Dec

SMW construction method construction unit construction quality control measures

1. Before construction, the site surface should be level off and all obstacles above and below ground must be removed; 2. Before starting the machine, it must be debuged to check the operation of pile machine and the smooth situation of feeding pipe; 3. Ensure perpendicularity: After the equipment is in place, it must be smooth to ensure that there is no inclination or movement in the construction process. Pay attention to ensure the vertical degree of the frame and the drill pipe, the deviation of the vertical degree shall not be more than 1%. During the construction, the hanging hammer is used to observe the perpendicularity of the two directions of the drill pipe and the horizontal water gauge is used to measure the leveling of the frame. If the deviation is too large, it will be adjusted in time.

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20 Dec

Key points of SMW construction supervision control

Key points of SMW construction supervision and control: 1. Before construction, check the SMW construction scheme, machines, equipment, gauges and inspection, and require the construction unit to seriously disclose the safety technology. 2. Test the technical parameters, determine the mix ratio, and pass the retest of the license, warranty and qualification certificate of the finished and semi-finished products of raw materials. The supplier shall provide inspection report of H-beam steel.

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18 Dec

Structure of prefabricated deep foundation pit supporting system

The steel support structure system of prestressed fish-belly foundation pit should be composed of horizontal support structure and vertical support structure. The horizontal support structure shall include counterbrace, Angle brace, prestressed fish belly beam, waist beam and connecting parts, etc. The vertical support structure shall include the column (column pile) and the connector.

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16 Dec

Introduction of prefabricated deep foundation pit supporting technology

The assembly type deep foundation pit supporting technology has large overall stiffness, light weight, quick and convenient installation and removal, reusable, no construction waste, green and energy saving, can provide open construction space, make the excavation, soil transport and underground structure construction convenient, compared with the traditional support, can reduce the cost of more than 20%. The construction period of installation, demolition, excavation and underground structure has been shortened by more than 40%.

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14 Dec

Prefabricated deep foundation pit supporting technology

Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for deep foundation pit is a kind of structural system in which prestress controls the force and deformation of retaining structure of foundation pit. It is composed of steel members assembled by bolts.

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