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27 Jun

Guangzhou foundation pit supporting construction unit

Guangzhou foundation pit supporting construction - Shanghai strong foundation in most of the domestic provinces and cities with more than one thousand project experience. Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation Engineering Co., LTD., located at 289 Huixian Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, was established in April 1998 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. It has the qualification of professional foundation contracting Level 1, Structural design Level 1, geotechnical design Level 2, steel structure construction Level 3 and foreign contracting project.

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25 Jun

Foundation pit supporting construction in Shanghai

The main forms of foundation pit supporting construction in Shanghai area are as follows: 1. Steel sheet pile Steel sheet pile is one of the most widely used deep foundation pit supporting structures in Shanghai soft soil base area. Larsen steel sheet piles are commonly used for hot rolled U-section, which can be used to excavate foundation pits with a depth of 5 ~ 10 meters. Because the one-time investment is larger, it is more rented in the form of lease, after use, pull out and return. The types of steel sheet piles used by each construction unit combined with the characteristics of the project are as follows:

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23 Jun

Construction technology of three-axis mixing pile

Three-axis mixing pile construction technology is one of the long bored pile, the pile machine has three bored at the same time, the construction of three spiral drill down construction at the same time, is generally used in underground continuous wall method is used, is an effective form of soft foundation treatment, the use of the cement mixing pile machine into the soil and fully mixing, cement and soil produces a series of physical and chemical reaction, Harden the soft soil and improve the strength of the foundation.

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21 Jun

Prevention and control measures for quality problems of long auger bored pile

1) Hole wall collapse: hole wall collapse due to poor soil quality of pile position or groundwater seepage. Before excavation, the site soil should be excavated in staggered pile positions, shorten the height of each section and observe the soil looseness at any time. If necessary, the slump hole can be blocked with brick, steel sheet pile and wood pile. The operation process should be compact, leaving no spacing and avoiding slump.

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19 Jun

Construction process of long auger bored pile

Long auger bored pile construction process: one, steel into the factory and the second test sampling, two, construction machinery selection, three, positioning measurement, four, hole, five, concrete pump feed pile, six, steel cage production, seven, inserted steel cage construction, eight, construction process record, nine, pile head cleaning, ten, pile foundation detection

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17 Jun

What is the long auger pile? Introduction of construction technology of long auger bored pile

Long AUger BORED PILE IS SUITABLE FOR BUILDING FOUNDATION pile and retaining pile of FOUNDATION pit and deep well support. It is suitable for filling soil layer, silt soil layer, sand layer and pebble layer, and also suitable for all kinds of soil layer with underground water. It can be piled under unfavorable geological conditions such as soft soil layer and shifting sand layer. The pile diameter is generally 500mm ~ 800mm.

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14 Jun

Shanghai launches the Dragon Boat Festival to make zongzi

In order to carry forward Chinese traditional culture, enrich employees' spare time life, and cultivate employees' sense of unity and cooperation, our company held the Shanghai Strong Foundation to carry out the Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi making activity at 2 PM on June 10th in the multi-function hall of the company headquarters. The employees of the company headquarters participated in this activity in batches.

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13 Jun

What protection measures should be taken to protect the piles of construction projects next to cultural protection buildings?

Pile foundation and foundation pit enclosure project of Ruyuyuan Project No.2, located in Rudong County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. The business form is residential, commercial street, office (villa), basement, kindergarten and public supporting facilities. On the west side of the project site, there are several cultural conservation buildings (shallow foundation) with poor structural integrity. The protection of cultural conservation buildings is the focus of pile construction of the project. To solve this problem, the project team made a detailed plan:

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11 Jun

Application of intelligent piling technology in soft soil layer

The main soil layer of the project site is soft soil, which has the characteristics of low strength, large disturbance and high moisture content. According to the situation of the project site, the pile foundation engineering adopts our innovative patent technology -- intelligent pile planting technology.

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09 Jun

Construction technology of three - axis cement mixing pile

Three axis cement mixing is a long screw pile machine, at the same time there are three auger drilling, construction at the same time three auger drilling downward construction, the use of mixing pile machine will cement into the soil and fully mixing, cement and soil a series of physical and chemical reactions, so that the soft soil hardening.

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