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07 Jun

Introduction of high pressure rotary jet grouting pile, high pressure rotary jet grouting pile construction technology

High-pressure rotary jet grouting pile is a kind of high-pressure jet grouting method. The grouting pipe with a special nozzle is inserted into the designed soil depth, and then the cement slurry is injected from the nozzle in the form of high-pressure flow to impact and cut the soil. Under the action of high pressure jet flow, the soil is destroyed, and the soil particles are spalling off from the soil layer and mixing with cement slurry to form a mixed slurry.

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05 Jun

The importance and function of foundation pit supporting

Foundation pit supporting technology in the current construction plays an important role and significance of a foundation pit engineering is characterized by time of rock engineering, is of great practicality and empirical discipline, along with the development of civil engineering is rapid, and all kinds of construction projects, more and more is also high to the requirement of foundation pit engineering, problems also appear constantly, This forces the engineers to pay attention to the foundation pit engineering, with a rigorous scientific attitude to treat the problem of foundation pit support.

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04 Jun

What is high pressure rotary jet pile? Introduction of high pressure rotary jet grouting pile.

High-pressure jet grouting pile is a kind of high-pressure jet grouting method. The grouting pipe with special nozzle is inserted into the designed soil depth, and then the cement slurry is shot out of the nozzle in the form of high-pressure jet to impact and cut the soil. The soil and cement slurry are stirred to form a mixed slurry, which then forms a continuous lap cement plus solid.

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03 Jun

Technical advantages of prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel structure

Prestressed steel belly type foundation pit supporting technology, which is based on the principle of prestressed, in view of the traditional concrete support, steel support of foundation pit deformation control ability, through a large number of engineering research and application practice, developed a kind of deep foundation pit support structure within the system, it is composed of vertical retaining wall, prestressed the stomach beam, pre coping binder, purlin, gusset (to stay), bracket, three The plane prestressed support system and three-dimensional support structure system made of high strength bolts are composed of angular connectors and vertical columns, which are safe and reliable.

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01 Jun

The importance and function of deep foundation pit supporting

Deep foundation pit support is a kind of foundation pit support, the main function of foundation pit support is to support soil, in addition, steel sheet pile, concrete plate pile and cement mixing pile also have a certain role in retaining water.

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31 May

How to do foundation pit support? 8 kinds of common foundation pit supporting methods.

Foundation pit support is to adopt retaining, reinforcing and protecting measures for the side wall of foundation pit and surrounding environment to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment of foundation pit and the stability of soil, at the same time to ensure the construction of the underground structure of the building, to meet the requirements of basement construction with enough space. There are many forms of foundation pit support, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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31 May

The advantages of cement soil mixing pile

The advantages of cement-soil mixing pile are as follows: first, the suitable soil type is wide, the reinforcement depth is large; 2. Wide scope of application; 3. Short construction period and low cost; Four, high degree of construction mechanization; Five, the force and deformation of cement mixing pile mainly occur in the upper part of the pile body, and the force and deformation of the lower part of the pile body are small

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30 May

Introduction to SMW construction pile, what is SMW construction pile?

SMW is the abbreviation of the soil mixing wall, the construction method is also known as the steel cement soil mixing (pile) wall, is using multi-axis mixing pile machine in the project site one by one construction. The cement slurry or soil curing agent is spouted from the drill bit and mixed repeatedly with the foundation soil to form a continuous and complete underground wall with certain strength and stiffness without joints. Suitable for building foundation pit retaining wall, water curtain or soft foundation soil reinforcement.

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24 May

Introduction of six-axis stirring pile

Six axial mixing pile is our in uniaxial and biaxial and triaxial existing mixing pile on the basis of the development of a new type of cement-soil pile, inherited the principles of the biaxial mixing pile and displacement of soil, water cement ratio is small, low cost, less advantages, overcomes the biaxial and triaxial mixing pile work efficiency is low, the low degree of automation, the labor intensity of workers, poor mechanical safety defects.

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22 May

Introduction of rotary jet stirring stiffening pile

Rotary jet mixing stiffening pile is a kind of anchorage structure that forms vertical or inclined variable diameter soil-cement pile body in soft soil layer through special drilling machine and high-pressure rotary jet mixing technology. Anchor bars and anchorage parts are placed in cement pile body and pre-tension is applied to control foundation pit stability.

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