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11 Apr

CSM construction of concrete

1. The gradation of concrete in the groove section of this project not only meets the requirements of structural strength, but also meets the requirements of underwater concrete construction, with good workability and fluidity. The slump of concrete shall be 180mm ~ 220mm.

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09 Apr

CSM construction mud treatment work

1. Slurry storage: Semi-buried brick slurry pool is used for slurry storage. Set up mud pool and transfer pool according to the actual situation on site. The capacity of the slurry pool containing the slurry should be able to meet the slurry consumption during the trough construction.

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07 Apr

CSM construction of bottom cleaning wall painting work

1. In the process of bottom cleaning and wall brushing, natural precipitation is also carried out in the trough section. After the end of wall brushing, the bottom cleaning is started until the feeling of hitting the hammer appears, indicating that the sediment at the bottom of the trough is cleaned in place.

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05 Apr

CSM construction guide wall method

CSM construction guide wall method measurement setting out: according to the underground diaphragm wall axis to determine the guide wall excavation position; After the completion of measurement setting out, please check the general contractor; Excavation: After measuring and setting out, sprinkle white gray line, and excavate guide wall by combining mechanical excavation and manual dressing. The excavation elevation is controlled by manual dressing;

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03 Apr

CSM construction method for groove construction assurance measures

The main reason for the jam is that the upper neck shrinkage leads to the width of the groove becomes smaller and the jam is stuck. Therefore, as long as the mud is well controlled, the phenomenon of jam can be prevented.

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01 Apr

CSM construction method of steel cage can not be below the reason

CSM construction method for the reinforcement cage can not be placed in place to prevent and deal with the measures of groove perpendicularity influence of groove perpendicularity is the first key to ensure the smooth discharge of the reinforcement cage, for the "one" type groove section of the perpendicularity must be controlled within the design requirements to ensure that the reinforcement cage smoothly into the groove; The perpendicularity of the special-shaped groove section must be controlled within the design requirements to ensure that the steel cage can be smoothly sloted.

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30 Mar

Production and technical requirements of reinforced cage of pressed-grouting pile

(1) The specifications and quality of the steel bars entering the site shall meet the design requirements, and a warranty shall be attached. Raw materials shall be sampled and submitted for inspection according to the construction code. (2) Before making the steel cage, straighten the main reinforcement, remove the dirt and rust on the surface of the steel bar, and accurately control the length of the steel bar. (3) The steel cage is made of ring mold:

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28 Mar

Pressure flow of prestressed steel composite support construction

The prestressing process of prestressed steel composite support construction and the problems to be paid attention to: 1. The order of prestressing is as follows after the layout of each component of the tool type composite support is completed

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26 Mar

Setting of construction datum point and positioning of pull line for prestressed steel composite support

Prestressed steel composite support construction datum point setting and cable positioning requirements: Before installing enclosing purlin, the axis datum point shall be determined, and the base point of the inner side of two adjacent corners of the foundation pit shall be calculated by the total station or theodolite through the coordinate, and the plane installation and positioning shall be carried out by the method of wire hanging through the base point. The deviation of the actual installation axis must not exceed 5mm.

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24 Mar

Prestressed steel composite support construction bracket and support beam installation

Prestressed steel composite support bracket and the support beam installation should pay attention to the following: installation of bracket is important to control the level of elevation, through the gusset, to hold, the stomach of beam positioning elevation pushes its top level elevation, the error must not exceed 5 mm, the top elevation difference between bracket should not be greater than L / 1500 (L) for spacing, and should not be greater than 10 mm; Upper elevation of bracket = center elevation of support structure - (1/2 H steel specification + support beam specification).

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