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24 Nov

Basic regulations for construction of double - wheel milling cement - soil mixed wall

The double-wheel milling soil-cement mixing wall has large wall depth, wide range of formation adaptation, good continuity and uniformity, and excellent water interception and seepage prevention performance. In the engineering practice at home and abroad, it is commonly used as the water cutting curtain, the cutoff wall in hydraulic engineering and the isolation wall in environmental engineering. In some projects, the deep ground water is cut off by milled cement-soil mixing wall, and good results are obtained.

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22 Nov

Machining and insertion of H - shaped steel in cement - soil mixing wall with double - wheel milling

Tandem mill mixing cement-soil wall CSM technique, it is on the basis of hydraulic slotting machine equipment, combined with the deep mixing technology, innovate and underground continuous wall and the construction technology of combining hydraulic slotting machine equipment technical characteristics and application field of deep mixing technology, the equipment is applied to the more complex geological conditions, as the protection of foundation pit excavation supporting structure. After the wall is formed, &NBSP is inserted in the slot; H-shaped steel to withstand the bending moment during the excavation process.

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20 Nov

The characteristics and key points of undisturbed earth taking and pressing grouting pile

1. Strong adaptability: This type of pile is suitable for clay soil, silt soil, filled soil and other soil, and can be built into piles under complex geological conditions such as soft soil with reduced diameter, shifting sand layer, sand pebble layer and groundwater.

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18 Nov

TRD pile construction, the introduction of cement - soil mixing wall technology of equal thickness

TRD (Trench Cutting re-mixing Deep Wall Method), also known as the same thickness of soil-cement mixing Wall technology, is a new type of soil-cement mixing Wall construction technology. This method changes the traditional horizontal layered mixing method of vertical axis auger into horizontal axis saw-chain cutting box, and the whole mixing method is vertical along the wall depth. The main engine power box hydraulic motor drives the saw-chain cutting box, and the cutting box is segmented and lengthened.

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16 Nov

Introduction of construction technology of double - wheel milling cement subsoil diaphragm wall

Construction Technology of double wheel milling diaphragm wall under cement soil (  CSM construction method combines hydraulic milling machine and deep mixing technology. By mixing the soil and cement slurry in situ at the construction site, it can be used for seepage prevention wall, retaining wall, foundation reinforcement and other projects. Compared with other deep mixing technology, CSM construction method has higher adaptability to the stratum and can cut hard soil (gravel bottom, rock layer).

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14 Nov

Principle and advantage of undisturbed soil - taking and pressure - irrigation pile

The principle of undisturbed earth taking and pressure pouring concrete pile is a new type of reinforced concrete cast-in-place pile technology. Inherited the technology of long spiral drilling pressure filling pile, the advantages of using spiral drill drill to pile bottom, first buried spiral drill into a pile of pile hole, and then through concrete hollow drill pipe will flow by continuous injection to the bottom of the hole orifice, the formation of plain concrete pile, the use of vertical transmission functions of helical blade at the same time, remove the undisturbed soil pile hole, remove the soil and pile head floating pulp, after will The whole steel cage is inserted into the concrete pile body, and the concrete in the hole is vibrated to form the reinforced concrete cast-in-place pile without mud skin.

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12 Nov

Construction process of undisturbed earth taking and pressing grouting pile

(1) According to the positioning axis of the building, the full-time surveyors will accurately lay out the pile position to the site according to the pile position plan, and use wooden sticks and white ash points as the pile position identification. (2) Allowable error of pile position lofting: 20mm. (3) After the pile position lofting is correct through self-inspection, fill in the Application for Inspection of Construction Survey and Laying out. After Party A and the supervision unit jointly check the pile position and sign, the next process of construction will be carried out.

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10 Nov

Regulations for construction of long auger bored piles

1. Be familiar with geotechnical engineering investigation report, pile foundation engineering, foundation pit enclosure construction drawing design documents and drawing review data, and do a good job of construction plan and safety technology disclosure to operators. 2. Prepare special construction plan according to the characteristics of the project, including the following contents:

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08 Nov

Construction principle and characteristics of TRD construction pile

TRD construction principle: The TRD construction method is to insert the chainsaw-type knife port vertically on the ground, connect the knife and chain saw, and at the same time move its side, cut out the groove body and inject curing liquid to mix with the in-situ soil, and then stir to form the continuous wall under the cement soil of equal thickness, which plays the function of water stop. Then insert core materials such as H-shaped steel to form a rigid retaining wall and play the function of retaining soil.

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06 Nov

Brief introduction and characteristics of TRD pile construction

TRD pile construction has the following characteristics: 1. Adapt to a variety of working conditions; 2, the machine height is low, the safety performance is good; 3. Create high-quality underground diaphragm wall; 4, can form a multi-specification wall; 5. Large construction depth; 6, adapt to a wide range of strata; 7, continuous wall;

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