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27 Sep

Qualification requirements for foundation pit supporting construction units

Foundation pit supporting construction units can be divided into Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 of foundation engineering professional contracting qualification. According to the Construction enterprise qualification standards formulated by the relevant departments of the Construction Law of the People's Republic of China, the professional contracting qualification of foundation and foundation engineering in the new standards implemented on January 1, 2015 has been changed to the professional contracting qualification of foundation and foundation engineering.

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25 Sep

Marine foundation treatment method

How to do the sea foundation treatment method? The ground treatment on land in order to lay the foundation in the soft soil, for the thick soft soil is usually used pile machine structure, lay a few piles as reinforcement in the soil layer; For shallow soil, the replacement method is used to excavate the soft soil and fill with solid material. In order to effectively solve the construction and maintenance problems of soft subsoil, it is necessary to use deep cement mixing vessel (DCM vessel).

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23 Sep

How should foundation pit supporting construction be done? What are the practices of foundation pit supporting?

How should foundation pit supporting construction be done? What are the practices of foundation pit supporting? 1. Structure type of foundation pit supporting construction 1. 2. Supporting supporting structure; 3. Gravity support structure; 4. Combined support structure

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21 Sep

Hong Kong Airport Section 3204 Ground Treatment - Soft foundation reinforced with underwater plastic drainage board

Hong Kong airport 3204 block foundation treatment - underwater soft foundation reinforcement special plastic drainage plate board a ship, the sea strong foundation for underwater soft foundation reinforcement plastic drainage plate board ship (PVD) engineering ship at sea the construction technology for the international initiative, intelligent, efficient and quick construction 1 1/2 minutes 12 root 30 meters long drain construction, generally a construction in China with 2-4 root, And the construction time is longer. Since the commencement of the project, it has been praised by the Hong Kong Airport Authority for many times. The operation of the equipment has been very successful.

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19 Sep

Plastic drainage board insertion boat

Shanghai Strong Foundation Offshore PVD engineering ship (plastic drainage board insertion vessel) has intelligent, efficient and fast construction. It can construct 12 30-meter-long drainage boards in one and a half minutes, while domestic counterparts usually construct 2-4 boards at a time, and the construction time is longer. Since the commencement of the project, the operation of the plastic drainage board insertion vessel has been very successful and has been praised by the Hong Kong Airport Authority for many times.

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17 Sep

Offshore DCM engineering vessel

Offshore DCM engineering ships can operate in coastal waters and be towed and dispatched in offshore waters. As an important construction method for the foundation treatment and construction of coastal ports and wharfs, breakwaters, revetments and artificial islands, DCM (deep cement mixing) technology has a long history of application in countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

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15 Sep

Deep cement mixer - Shanghai Strong Foundation Offshore DCM vessel

Deep cement mixer (DCM ship) integrates many high-end technologies, such as underwater soil cutting and mixing, precise injection of cement grout, exchange of high and low grout spout, environmental protection treatment system and intelligent control construction. Shanghai Strong Foundation has fully mastered the core technology of intelligent construction, such as mobile positioning system, leveling system, cement slurry mixing and grouting system, down-drilling and driller pile system, etc., breaking the monopoly of Japan and South Korea in this field, and filling the domestic gap.

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13 Sep

Strong foundation -- PHC pipe pile

PHCPipe pile (pre-stressed high-strength concretePrestressed high strength concrete pipe pile) is a hollow cylindrical concrete precast component made of high temperature, atmospheric pressure, high temperature and high pressure secondary steam curing process.

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11 Sep

Shotcrete anchor retaining technology for foundation pit

Shotcrete support is a support method of concrete + bolt, which refers to the combination of high pressure shotcrete and metal bolt driven into the rock layer (or separately according to the geological situation) to strengthen the rock layer.

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09 Sep

Foundation pit supporting construction unit

Foundation pit supporting construction unit, foundation pit supporting plays the role of retaining soil, stabilizing the bottom of the pit and intercepting water in the engineering construction, ensuring the safety of the surrounding environment and the safety of the engineering construction. In order to ensure the construction safety of structural engineering and the safety of the surrounding environment, it is necessary to rely on the foundation pit support to control the soil surface. Its main function is to fix and ensure the stability of the bottom of the pit by blocking water flow, soil resistance and other ways. The retaining structure of foundation pit plays the role of temporary retaining structure during construction.

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