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Shanghai Qiangjin Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in April 1998 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. It is a member company of CHINA ZHONGHUA GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING GROUP CO.LTD. (stock code: 002542).
The qualification level is the first-level professional foundation contracting, the first-level structural design, the second-level geotechnical design, and the foreign project contracting qualification.
Focusing on professional fields such as foundation pit engineering, pile foundation engineering, water, and land foundation treatment, and slope treatment, it has completed thousands of projects such as housing construction, subway, railway, highway, bridge, tunnel, airport, and land reclamation.
Won the "China Construction Engineering Luban Prize(National Prime-quality Project)" and "Shanghai Construction Engineering MagnoliaAward".

Engineering Center Adopt core technology, Shorten construction period Reduce cost

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Our Strength Committed to new, fine art Societe Generale, casting ingenuity project

Prestressed fish belly foundation pit technology

Prestressed fish belly pitSteel support technology

Compared with the conventional foundation pit supporting technology, this technology can reduce the number of supports and columns, and shorten the construction period compared with the conventional foundation pit supporting technology

Innovation of intelligent piling construction technology

Intelligent embedded piletechnology

The technology ensures the strength, compactance and verTICality of the stiffened SOIL-cement pile, the pile forming speed is fast, and has the advantages of economy and environmental protection

DCMTechnology of stirring reinforcement and foundation treatment

DCMMixing reinforcement andFoundation treatment technology

It has the advantages of improving the BEARING capacity OF foundation, CONTROLLING THE settlement of foundation and reducing the cost of foundation treatment, etc. It is used for land reclamation, soft foundation treatment and highway construction

FDPRapid soft foundation treatment technology

FDPFast soft foundationProcessing technology

Obviously reduce the adverse effect of well resistance and smearing effect on drainage consolidation, reduce the blockage of drainage channel, can be saved20%Project cost, shorten35%Time limit for a project

RCPTreatment technology of reinforced composite foundation

RCPStrong composite foundationProcessing technology

Combining the advantages of rigid pile and flexible pile, it can save30%-50%The project cost, has the objective economic benefit, the construction speed is fast, the quality is stable and reliable

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Company news

To celebrate the opening of the third runway of the Hong Kong International Airport, built on a strong foundation

To celebrate the opening of the third runway of the Hong Kong International Airport, built on a strong foundation

Hong Kong airport is the biggest challenges facing the third runway construction...

Steel support technology for prestressed fish-belly foundation pit

Steel support technology for prestressed fish-belly foundation pit

Of steel structure of foundation pit support technology of prestress the stomach...


QIANGJIN MemorabiliaBe honest and do something fairly

  • In 1998-2000

    In 1998-2000

    The company was established to promote the new technology of static pile (pile foundation engineering).

  • In 2001-2005

    In 2001-2005

    The company settled in the 15th floor of Jinghong Building, 508 Yishan Road, Shanghai

  • In 2006-2010

    In 2006-2010

    The environmental protection cement automatic mixing and grouting system has been successfully developed

  • In 2011-2015

    In 2011-2015

    "High pressure rotary jet reinforced cement soil pile anchor construction method" has been rated as national first-class construction method

  • In 2016-2020

    In 2016-2020

    Construction of engineering vessels (DCM, PVD) and establishment of Strong International Engineering Limited (domicile: Hong Kong)

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